January 30, 2009


This post could have been titled, "Sinatra's Love Child", since this is the artistic result of my icy afternoon studio session. However, I opted to name it for the title of the journal page, "Bloom".

So many women of my generation never had the opportunity to achieve their dreams. We are the generation of teachers, nurses and secretaries. We were raised to put "family first" and ourselves last. We marched for peace, made posters for
Earth Day, and burned our bras so that our daughters and grand-daughters wouldn't have to suffer our fates. We were good daughters, great wives and awesome mothers. We took care of everyone and lost our identities and ourselves in the process.

For many of us, now that our families have been raised and our obligations fulfilled, we finally have an opportunity to pick up the threads of dreams seemingly forgotten long ago. What will be woven with those long-cherished ideas and dreams remains to be seen. We can't figure out where we're going until we know who we are. This page is dedicated to my sisters and the wonderful journey of discovery.


Alberta and Ava said...

Yes! You nailed it! I started college in 1976 majoring in commericial art but soon discovered thare was no one less commerial than I, so I became...wait for it: a teacher. And I've loved being a special education teacher for 27 years, but I've never been able to totally fill that craving in my soul to create art, In fact, I haven't had the courage to really even try until last year, when some sort of dam burst, and all the color and hope and magic just started flowing again. So, thank you, sister; I'm glad to know you're out there making art, listening, lookinging, and speaking right to me!

BlueRidgeLady said...

You both nailed it! I never went to college, always regretted it, never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, still don't! I worked up until I had my girls and I was a stay at home Mom and I helped my husband with the books for his painting business for years, then he went to work for a large painting contractor in Atlanta and we ended up moving to the mountains! I stumbled across art journaling on the internet one day and have never looked back!! How nice we all realized what we needed to do all along!

Terri Kahrs said...

Thank you both for your heartfelt comments. It's reassuring and comforting to know that we're not alone in our creative quests. Here's to our "Sisterhood"!!!