February 17, 2009

CrowAbout Challenge

My friend, Shelly from BlueRidgeLady invited me to participate in the Crowabout Flickr group recently. After feeling flattered, my first instinct was to run for the hills! After all, I'm a bit rusty and it's been hmmmmm-years since I've had an art assignment! However, in the spirit of this year's intentions, I graciously accepted her invitation.

So . . . ta daaaa . . . here's the result of Week 24's Crowabout assignment! We're given a sheet of images and must use at least three of those images in the collage. Somehow I managed to use 14 (not including duplicates). The only thing that wasn't on the sheet are the recycled foil hearts in each corner - remnants of some Valentine's Day sweets - and the words. Once again, I used a gessoed, recycled cereal box for a base. Thank you, Shelly, for helping me spread my wings!


BlueRidgeLady said...

Your welcome my sweet!! I just knew you belonged in the group! The page is so clever and creative. I love the recycled Valentine candy wrappers! Smarty!!! It's just a fun page to see! I'm looking forward to your next one! x0x0x Shelly

Terri Kahrs said...

Shelly, thank you SO much for inviting me to join this wonderfully creative group. I DID have huge butterflies in my tummy when I started, but I kept thinking of you and your kind words of encouragement. XXXXOOOO Right Back to You!

Alberta and Ava said...

I can't believe how many images you used in such a wonderful composition! I do love this page.


BlueRidgeLady said...

Congratulations!!!! :D

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I am so behind in my blog reading and was going to leave a message on your latest post after catching up. I know it is hard to see new comments on older posts so I hope you see this. I had to just stop here and tell you how much I love, I mean LOVE this piece. Of course I love the fishes (always a fav with me) but the whole piece is just gorgeous and so well done. I am in awe and completely infatuated with this. So glad you joined the crowabout group - I'm new to it too and look forward to working there more! You are so talented miss Terri! More coming on another post.