May 20, 2009

Crowabout Week # 36

5"x7" Journal Page

Back in the day when men were men and women wore garter belts, "good girls" just didn't . . . ummm . . . as my sainted mom used to say, "You Know"!!! Fast forward to the millennium and along came "Sex & the City". Oh, my! How things have changed!

If you're a fan of Carrie and the girls (as am I!), you'll remember a particular scene from the recent movie. Sitting around a breakfast table at the diner, the girls began to girl-talk about the prowess and stamina of their partners. Charlotte's little daughter was present at the time, and was coloring in her book with crayons. At an attempt to be discreet and family oriented, the girls used the term "coloring" to cleverly describe . . . ummmm . . . You Know!!! (Very funny and well written scene.)

Margie, has a decision to make. She wants to color and likes to color, but will she . . . umm . . . You Know??? Is she a "good girl" or a "nice girl"? Is she saying, "Don't! Stop!" or "Don't stop!"? Does Margie have a "reputation"? Or, is she just a tease? Only you can decide!

"Margie" was created for this week's Crowabout challenge. Four of this week's collage images were used, and many were clipped from past challenges. Margie and her debonair friend are from my collection of vintage images; and, the little fortune was a gift from my friend, Marsha (Tumblefish Studio's Etsy Shop). (Thank you, Marsha!)

All of the images were enhanced with a combination of Prismacolor pencils, watercolor pencils, pan pastels, Twinkling H2O's and Pitt Pens. Some of the images were shadowed with a smudged charcoal pencil. Finally, the edges were gilded with a gold marker.

Have a day filled with laughter!


indybev said...

This is great fun, Terri, and what a lot of work you've put into it! I love the little story that accompanies it. Very clever.

Kim Naumann said...

Very nice work, I love the colors you used! I myself haven't seen Sex in the City though, I'm more of a Pride and Prejudice sort of gal :)

Terri Kahrs said...

Thanks, Bev and Kim. Believe it or not,Bev, this piece didn't start out like this in my mind. It just kind of happened. It's always so nice to hear your comments!

Oh, Kim, I love Jane Austen too! I particularly enjoyed the shows on PBS. My taste in literature and movies is extremely eclectic. Thanks for stopping by!

Jean said...

Terri, I would say from the looks of this debonair young man, she's holding out for a marriage proposal. After all she is a looker also, and she's knows it. Fantastic card Terri! Your work is always colorful and so are your stories.

Janine said...

That´s a great one.
I love this blooming colours.
And a great subjekt aswell.

Cathy Mendola said...

Oh Terri! You keep getting BETTER & BETTER! I love this one. We are so similar. I almost cried when I saw that you love Sex & the City too!!! I have loved that for years. Carrie and the girls just crack me up. And that scene you're talking it! Coloring....
You've captured it beautifully! The girls of
of Sex & the City would love it also : )
xoxo cathy

Lynn said...

Nice story Terri, sorry I don't know Margie, and I can't wear garter belts because I am always in Jeans LOL, but I think it was very sensual when women wore skirts and garter belts, nothing showed, but a lot of things are just too out there these days.
Besides all that I love your 5x7, you always do such amazing work :)

roc said...

you do such beautiful work!

Terri Kahrs said...

@ Jean, he's given her the pearl necklace, so you could be right! She just might be holding out for the bling!

@ Janine, the colors are kind of "blooming"! Thanks!

@Cathy, your post about Carrie & Co. made me smile. I loved the series (and Big!). Was so sorry to see it go, but was happy with the movie.

@ Lynn, I wouldn't wear a garter belt now if someone paid me a bezillion dollars! But I tend to agree with you. I DO miss the days of "skirts" and femininity.

@ Roc, thank you! :)
Hugs and thanks to all! xoxo

Taluula said...

I saw this on Flickr and it's just as stunning for a second look.

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

I love love looooove the way you use color! So cool!

Ozstuff said...

Wonderful story and stunning painting and collage. Your work is such a joy to your fans, Terri!

vintagepix said...

Very funny - I love his exclamation "Bingo!" :D He thinks he's in, but is he? I think Margie's going to play hard to get for awhile, at least ;)

June said...

Ohhh fabulous colours and just lovin Margie :)
Beautiful art as always my friend
Hugs June xx