May 22, 2009

Summer's Here & Friday "Freebies"

"Bathing Beauties"
(Freebies for your creative pleasure!)

I can't believe that it's Memorial Day weekend, and that the beginning of the summer "season" is here! Where did the time go? It seems like it was yesterday when we were wearing parkas and shoveling the white stuff out of our driveways. Hooray for summer!

Although I'm about an hour away from the famous "Jersey Shore", here are a couple of pics that I thought you might enjoy. Do you believe the guy with the tape measure?!? Frankly, he reminded me of the good Sister Marie Saint Augustine - our High School disciplinarian - who derived great pleasure from waiting in the hall and wielding her infamous tape measure at our frumpy, plaid-pleated skirts in High School! (We used to "roll" the waistbands to make our calf-length skirts fashionably short in the late '60s!)

Have fun using these pics from the Library of Congress in your personal artwork!


(6"x6" Mixed Media Collage on Gallery Canvas)

This piece was created a few months ago with a transfer created from an old photo of my Dad. My Mom had just given me her old photo album loaded with tons of family pictures from the 1940's and '50s. Hidden among the brittle pages was a photo that was taken when my Dad entered the Army as a GI during the World War II. (Believe it or not . . . My Dad's name was Joe!)

When I collaged the piece, I purposely obscured a portion of my Dad's face to honor all of the GI's who served during that timeframe. The gel medium transfer was placed over historic data from The War, an old world atlas and other vintage ephemera, along with tissue paper stars and circles.

I usually don't wear my patriot's heart on my sleeve, but this is the weekend to show my red, white and blue colors. Memorial Day was originally proclaimed to honor the heroic men and women who sacrificed their lives giving service to our great country.

Please take a moment to offer a small prayer of remembrance and gratitude in their memory, and offer a prayer for all of the men and women who serve proudly today. Thanks!

May your weekend be filled with sunshine and smiles!


peggy gatto said...

Lovely collage!!!!!
Thanks for the wonderful images as well. Enjoy your hoiiday

Fuzzy Brush said...

Thank you for the wonderful Memorial Day thoughts. We so often don't remember them. I love you collage and am now inspired to make one of my own from old family pics. Thanks also for the freebies!

Terri Kahrs said...

Peggy and Doris, you're very welcome! Hope you do something "fun" with them. And hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend too! Hugs, xoxo

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Terri, your comment on my blog made me feel so good - thank you!

...and wow - if legs like that are beauties, I'm in!!! Fabulous photos!

Ozstuff said...

Thanks so much for the freebies, Terri. The collage you have made to remember your father and also to acknowledge Remembrance Day is wonderful and very touching. Simply beautiful.

vintagepix said...

Love the use of your father's photo. (He was quite the looker!) I also love that those bathing beauties are shaped like real women not stick models!

roc said...

wow...i love what you did with your dad's old photo. that is so cool! you did a beautiful job with it.

love your old swimming photos. they made me chuckle right out loud!

Lynn said...

A wonderful piece of artwork Terry using your Father's photo, just wonderful :) I am in Canada and we had our first holiday weekend last weekend, but Happy Memorial Day to you and your family :)
The photos are great too. Hey, my daughter, almost 25 was in catholic high school not all that long ago and they had to wear their kilts at a certain hieght too, but they turned over the waistband on the way to school and on the way home LOL. I never had that problem, didn't go to catholic school, but they are still keeping those skirts long here to this day :)

June said...

Beautiful work as always Terri and i think your tribute work with your dad is beautiful.
We have a different memorial day in the UK but i would like to wish you love and happiness for this weekend my friend
Hugs June xxx

PCarriker said...

Great post for memorial day! Love those images of the bathing beauties:-)

Sue said...

It's a beautiful collage Terri, and so important that we remember our hero's everywhere x