June 26, 2009

Friday "Freebies" & Thank You, Alberta!

Beauty & the Beach!
(Feel free to use these in your art!)

It's hard to believe that we're almost at the end of June. Summer is going by so quickly. Our weather here in the Northeastern part of the US has been frightful. We've experienced rain 20 out of 23 days! To say it's been dark and dreary is an understatement and everyone's craving sunshine.

Since this weekend promises gorgeous weather, I thought I'd post a few vintage beach beauties (from the public domain) for your artful pleasure. I love the "friends" pics - especially their wacky hats. Can you believe that bathing beauty #2 is holding a muff and wearing a fur scarf? What were they thinking?!?? (I must admit, however, that I do love her boots!)


Thank You, Alberta!

When I first entered blogland at the beginning of the year, I discovered a fabulous world filled with camaraderie, support, creativity and friendship. One of the first people to "introduce" herself to me, was my sweet and wonderfully creative friend, Alberta (Amusing Muses).

Recently, I received an artistic "hug" from Alberta in the way of her awesome BBFF's (Best Blog Friends Forever) badge to post here on my blog. Alberta said that it's "a symbol of sisterhood" and "a token of gratitude to her friends for their steadfast encouragement, inspiration and humor". Thank YOU, Alberta, for your friendship and inspiration. I'm thrilled and proud to display this wonderful award! If you crave color and originality, click here to pay a visit to Alberta's blog, Amusing Muses.

Hope you have a fun-filled weekend!


"MOI" Freubel said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing freebies Terri !

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Such fun pictures! I have to admit that I love the old shoes and boots in old pix - they are just so cool. And I love the old bathing beauty shots too. This was a delightful post.

I will quit doing the rain dance as I seem to be doing it wrong. It's supposed to rain here, not there!

indybev said...

Great freebies, Terri! I am amused at the car full of beauties. They are all dressed for the beach (I think), but all have on high-heeled shoes and short socks. How peculiar!!

peggy gatto said...


Luisa Migon said...

Thanks a lot!!!

Cathy Mendola said...

Thanks for the fun photos of past bathing beauties. I can't imagine covering up with furs to go to the beach but I do like the idea of wearing bathing dresses and the long panties to cover the saggy, baggy bulges that have appeared over the years!
I wish you sunny, warmer weather.
We also had about 20 days of rain out of 25 and now it's been HAZY, HOT & HUMID for an entire week and we're praying for a few clouds and cooler weather. We're just never satisfied, are we?
Hope your weekend turns out to be spectacular!

Kimmie said...

I love the umbrella - I will save those umbrellas from now on to use in my art ;)

When I was a kid I used to peel back the paper on the stick to find the japanese paper rolled up inside - did you do that too?