June 19, 2009

"Magic" & Friday "Freebies"

"Magic" - For Marsha
5"x7" Collage
(Click on each picture to see more detail!)

Back in March, my"Pay-It-Forward" giveaway stated that the winners would receive a lovely "surprise" from me by the end of the year. Even though there was no hint of what the prize would be and no formal pay date announced, the brave entrants posted their comments and hoped for the best! Kudos to them for their bravery and trust! Marsha from Tumblefish Studio was one of those brave souls!

"Magic" was created for you, Marsha, because everyone could use a little magic in their life. A little bird told me that you enjoy vintage magic goodies, and this collage is filled with vintage magic ephemera (all authentic) from the Library of Congress.

I added a bit of extra magic in this little thrinchie too in the hope that it brings a bit of extra luck! Congratulations, Marsha! (Huge Hugs!!!)

When you have a chance, you must stop by Marsha's blog. It's filled with awesome eye candy art, and the whitticisms and criticisms of every day life. Visiting TumbleFish Studio is one of the highlights of my day. (I truly think that Marsha is the "Erma Bombeck" of our little art community!) She's a wonderfully gifted and talented artist and writer, and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Matter of fact, once you've had a taste of TumbleFish, I think you'll return for more!

Thank for playing and for your patience and understanding, Marsha. But most of all, thank you, thank you for your wonderful friendship and generosity of spirit. I am truly blessed to call you "friend", and I couldn't ask for a better traveling companion on my creative journey.


Friday "Freebies"

Keeping the "magic" theme, I thought you might enjoy a little vintage magic too! Feel free to use these in your personal artwork. All of the following images are from the Library of Congress and are in the public domain. Enjoy!

May your weekend be filled with magic!


Sea Gypsy said...

My visit to you this morning has been so inspiring. I just love all the freebies and what you did with them! I did not know about the libray of congress. I have been working with a little digital collage and can't wait to go and check that out. I really love the piece you did Lucky In Love! Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Incredible work, Terri! I think your piece fits Marsha perfectly (I, too, love her blog) and I know she'll love it! Awesome freebies! Some of my favorite themes! hugs, Michelle

Tumble Fish Studio said...

sniff, sniff Oh my goodness, Terri! I am crying! You have no idea how much this means to me. And you are spot on in knowing I like magic. I LOVE THIS and it could not be more appropriate or appreciated. You have taught me a lot about generosity and encouragement and that it only takes a few minutes to give someone a little love and praise and a little kick in the booty. We were meant to meet, you and I, and I am so glad we're together on this crazy adventure. I am proud that you are my friend too and I am thankful for you everyday. Thank you for this beautiful piece you made for me! I can't wait to see it and show it off!


Jamie said...

Oh Marsha is one lucky gal! And we are all lucky to have her. She is awesome. Your collage is beautiful and really could have been a poster during his time. Wonderful. thank you for sharing your RAK:) And your freebies! Love, Jamie

Art Fan Ako said...

How thoughtful. What a heartfelt gift and blog piece. Marsha must be feel on top of the world!

Janny said...

It's gorgeous Marsha must be happy!! And thank you for the great freebies, have a nice weekend!

jgr said...

Hi Terri,
I'm so glad to 'find' your blog. Thank you for stopping by my 'studio'. WOW! there is so much great art to see, I'm going to check out Marsha's blog too.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Thank you very much for adding magic to my day today Terri! These images are fabulous!!! Love them all, thanks!!! I certainly am enjoying my visit to your blog :)
~*~ Patty