July 23, 2009

An Important Message & Blog "Freebies"

Say "NO" to Art Piracy!

You Are Cordially Invited To
Join the Campaign Against Art Piracy

Courtesy of Tumble Fish Studio

To Join the Campaign
Choose either or Both of These "Buttons"
Follow these Rules:

You MAY choose either or both of these images and copy them for the
sole purpose of displaying on your blog or website IF it is linked back to this flickr group: www.flickr.com/groups/stopartpiracycampaign
You may NOT use any piece of these images for your own artwork or any other publication or reproduction.
Click on each picture to save them for your blog use.


An Important Message

Generally, I post my "Freebies" on Friday. However, in light of a few unfortunate incidents, I thought I'd jump the gun with a special "Freebie" and some important information that touches each of us in our lovely art community.

During the past few weeks several artists have had work copied and used by other artists who displayed it as their own. It doesn't matter whether the entire piece was copied or a just tiny section. What DOES matter is that it's wrong to take other people's art to use as your own without the original artist's written permission. Taking what doesn't belong to you is stealing. Using another person's work and claiming credit for it is against the law.

Marsha Jorgensen from Tumble Fish Studio has started a campaign and education program regarding the subject of art piracy. Marsha has also created the first campaign "art button" (shown above) and has started a new Flickr Group - "Stop Art Piracy Campaign". You can read all about it by clicking here.

You don't have to choose a button for your blog, but you should take a moment to check out the important information about copyright laws and piracy on this important and relevant Flickr site. This is a subject that affects all of us, and many artists are participating in this important program. We'd love to have your support!

The "Freebie" this week is your choice of "blog button" for the campaign, AND this collage sheet that was created by me from the elements that I used to create my "button".

I've given you both the "before" pics and the digital "after" pics for your artful pleasure. Yes, you DO have my permission to use these images in your art (even if you make a piece to sell). However, you may not sell these images or reproduce them for distribution on a CD.

When you go to save the collage sheet, it'll open "large". I saved it at 300 dpi so it should be great quality. (Click on the lady's feathered hat to see the details.) It's all about "lawful art", so here are my credits:
  • The woodland path is a picture that I took at the NJ Botanical Gardens.
  • The fancy lady is from the public domain, and she was colored by me (on both images).
  • The little bluebirds are from Itkupilli.
  • The text was computer generated.
Have a supremely delightful weekend!


Risa said...

nice work, and thanks for all the info.

Taluula said...

Great job Miss Terri and glad you joined in the stop piracy debate. Well done my friend.

Lynn said...

I already added Marsha's button to my blog yesterday but I have taken yours too and will switch occasionally :)
Great digital work too Terri, I will save them and maybe get to use them sometime. I am taking a class right now and it is taking up all my time.

Janine said...

Dear Terri, that is a very interesting post and I will check out that flickr- page immediatly.
Dear Terri,I have a giveaway on my blog, maybe you want to join it.
I wish you a wonderful weekend

Ozstuff said...

What a great badge! I love it and I love that it has been built from the ground up using your own photos. Let's hope that the all the interest now being engendered will lead to better outcomes.

Unknown said...

wow I had no idea that was such a problem. I think that's really really sad.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I just hate that this is happening. I do believe that you shouldn't have to ask people not to steal your art. I will say it has happened to enough people that we actually have to have a discussion about it. Unbelievable!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hello Terry,
You do great job! Unfortunately, we all have to face this problem at all over the world!
Rengin, in Istanbul

The Rustic Victorian said...

Good post, education is the problem sometimes, and sometimes it is just theft. It has happened to me for many years with finished product. I hope I have never done it not realizing it. When I first got the computer I saved images, made no record of where they came from,,dumb. I will check out the group and check out putting a button up. Thanks for showing this!

SweetErGallery said...

Thank you for sharing this information.