August 10, 2009

101st Post & A Giveaway!

101 Posts!

"Magic" An Altered Tin
(Click on the each of the goodies to see the details!)

And . . .

This Lovely Necklace!

can't believe that this is my 101st post!

When I started started blogging in January, it began as a personal experiment. Believe me when I say that I had no idea how long it would last, where it would lead or its significance in my life. Because I said, "Why not?" and took a chance 101 posts ago, my life has been enriched beyond measure. Each post has lead to new friendships and discovery. It's been a remarkable journey - artistically and personally!

Almost eight months and 101 posts later, I honestly don't know what I'd do without you, my wonderful blogging buddies and friends. I am filled with gratitude for your love, support and encouragement. Thank you, thank you too, for all of the congratulatory comments left on the my 100th post. You're Awesome!!!

In celebration of this blog-accomplishment, and as a way of saying "thank you" for your comments and blog-a-licious love, I'm giving away "Magic", an altered (Altoid) tin, and a lovely necklace that features one of my earlier Crowabout pieces, "Mother Nature".

To win, just leave a comment on this post, and you're in it to win it. That's all you have to do! Pretty easy! The winners (chosen by Random.Org) will be announced on Friday, August 14th.

If you've been quietly lurking behind the scenes, this is a great time to step into the light. Please help me celebrate by introducing yourself. I'd love to make a new friend or two! Good luck to all!

Hope you have a lucky and blessed day!
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(Special "thanks" to Flickr's Lisa's Altered Art for this sweet fairy, to Nancy Baumiller @ Crowabout for the "Dream" banner, and to Dover Publications for the butterflies!)


Rosie said...

Terri - right back at ya!! You leave wonderful comments on my blog and I'm delighted to visit and return the compliment. Congrats on your 101st post!!
I totally agree with you - it's the blogging pals that keep me blogging (3 years on...) and I think your tin is really magickal, but that little necklace is divine!! =)
Hugs, Rosie

Barb said...

Terri... thanx for stopping by my blog and leaving your great "cawments"... now we can follow and enjoy each other's work...and I look forward to the day that I hit MY 100th post...which seems far off now!

Ms. Lahtidah said...

Hi, Terri - I guess I have been lurking! I follow you, enjoy the blog, and congratulate you on 101 posts! Here's to the next 101-

Taluula said...

Terri you are right on the button, I can't remember life before blogging and all the lovely people I've 'met'. Congratulations on your 101st post, and thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my blog too.

sharon said...

Hi Terri! I have had the same experience since starting blogging in Feb!! And you have been extremely kind and sweet in welcoming this jewelry artist into the unknowns of mixed media! Your giveaways are sooooo lovely! Congrat's, and thank you for your kindness!!

Lynn said...

Oh Terri, I am so happy you took that chance and started blogging or I would not have met you otherwise. Isn't it a wonderful way to meet other people?
Congratulations again, and I hope you keep on blogging for a very long time.
Your tin is so unique, just love it, and the necklace with that gorgeous art work of yours.. WOW... wonderful giveaway :)

Anni's Art said...

Congrats on your 101st post what a wonderful giveaway you have, love your card with Mother goose it's a wonderful story you have chosen to make a card about.

icandy... said...

Awww~ right, so wonderful!! I just love these!!!! Congrats on the 101 post!!!

Christina :)

Nan said...

Congratulations on your 101rst!
Your art is always an inspiration to me. Love the Crowabout pieces you do! I feel so lucky myself to have joined the blogging world. There are not a lot of artists where I live so I get so much inspiration from you all! :)Glad you are a part of it!

Betty said...

Congrats on 100 posts. Love your tin and the necklace. Looking forward to the next 100.

Anonymous said...

Terri i love them all. Your work is some of the best i have ever seen and i just love everything you make. I think you must glow with colour yourself as you bring such beauty to the blog. Blogging for me is about sharing and enjoying the whole thing .... keep on going my friend .... love ya
hugs June x

Janine said...

What a generous giveaway. I would love to win it.
And I will love to see your next 101 posts ;0)

Sandi said...


I am one of your lurkers. But love reading your blog. Throw me into the pile of possible winners.

Thanks for letting me lurk.

Impatient Cajun

Michelle said...

Here's to many more blog posts from a gracious, kind, and mega-talented artist! Your comments on my blog mean the world to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! xo - Michelle
PS...The tin and necklace are divine as always!

Alberta said...

My only regret is that I didn't find you until day 5, but since then I've treasured every single one of your posts, as well as our on-line friendship, Terri. I look forward to more of your gorgeous art and getting to know you better day by day!


Michele said...

Oooh how exciting 101 posts! I hope to reach that number someday. Good for you for keeping it going.

I hang around your blog a lot, (I just loove your artwork), but don't always say anything. However, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to speak up. :)

By the way I adore the necklace! I've got to figure out how everyone makes these. They are too cool!

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello darling, I read on Lynn's blog that you came over my cottage and just had to come by to visit you too, lots of interesting posts and lovely photos. I joined your followers and will be back to read some more posts. Have a terrific Tuesday.

Duchess xx

Barbara Hagerty said...

Congratulations, Terri! Thank you for enriching our lives with your beautiful blog! XOXO

Cathy said...

Dear Terri, Congrats on your 101st!
You have become such a dear friend and your blog is always delightful to visit. I cherish our friendship.
I too started blogging in Jan but I'm not nearly as consistent as you
I won't hit 100 for a while! So
way to go girl! Keep up the wonderful

Digital Misfit said...

Congratulations on 101 posts! A milestone in your beautiful blog for sure.

Martina2801 said...

I am totally impressed by your works, Terri.
Your work is oustanding!!! What a unique style you have.I love it!!!!

Melisa said...

Congratulations on your 101st post! I'd love to win one of your beautiful prizes. I must get back to doing the crowabout challenges. I've missed too many and you've reminded me how much fun they are.

Yvonne said...

Hi there, Terry! Congratulations on your 101st post.

Blogging is a different world, I love it too.

Thanks for the chance to win some "magic".

Rhonda said...

Terri - I love your art work and I am so glad that you share with us all of your inspiring pieces. Thank you for the encouraging comments on my blog, much appreciated. Congratulations on your 101st post. Cheers!

Sharon said...

Lynn from Her Creative Spirit sent me. And I am so glad she did. I shall enjoy looking through your posts. Very creative. It would be fun to win one of your creations. Sharon

Dolores said...

Hi there,
Lynn sent me over. Wonderful giveaways. Congratulations on your 101st post!

Lynifyni said...

Wow, Terri! Your work is just beautiful! I love seeing it! Congrats on the post. Keep up the gorgeous art! LynnF

daisy said...

Just luv that necklace Terri.


daisy xx

roc said...

what a beautiful selection of gifts for your celebration! you did a wonderful job. i love stopping by to see your artwork. you have such a wonderful style!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Congratulations on 101!!! The land of blog is such a lovely place to be! Thank you for making it special!
oxo ~*~ Patty

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

I got so excited about 101...Your tin and soldering charm are so lovely! Thank you for a chance to win!
~*~ Patty

Amy said...

wow..just an amazing gift!!