August 21, 2009

Friday "Freebies" & Awards

I've given you the .png file as well as a .jpeg
for your artful pleasure.
(This image is from the Library of Congress.)

The following ATC background was created
from a
picture that I took recently at
the NJ Botanical Gardens.

I hope that you enjoy this week's "freebies". The picture of the young lady reminds me of a young nanny, and the look on her face makes me smile. You can click on each of these pics to see all of the details. Also, please feel free to post or link pictures of the art that you've created with these pics here. I'd love to see and share your creations!

Special "Thanks"

I've been quite remiss in saying "thank you" to some of my dear friends who've been extremely kind and generous over the past few weeks with bestowing some wonderful, and very appreciated, blog awards.

The first lovely award came from Cathy at Reflections of a Ramblin Girl, the second beautiful award was received from Marsha at Tumblefish Studio, and the third was gifted by Shelly from Blue Ridge Lady. These are three of the most creative, talented and generous ladies in blogland. I'm happy to accept these great awards, but more than that, I'm thrilled to call each of these great ladies a friend.

Theoretically, I'm supposed to pass on each of their sweet awards to a "deserving blog". However, because I enjoy so many of your blogs and treasure each of your beautiful friendships, I personally feel that MANY of you are very deserving of an award. Please take the following award and post it on your blog as a "smile" from me to you!

Hope that your weekend is filled with smiles!


roc said...

your digital photo of the gardens is gorgeous! congratulations on your award! your deserve it!

Janine said...

Your blog makes me smile too.
Have a lovely weekend

sharon said...

Thanks for your weekly freebie Terri...I love her, and thanks for always being so nice!

Kimmie said...

Your blog makes me smile too :)
Have a beautiful friday!

Sharon said...

HI Terri
Thanks for the great freebies! This digital piece is absolutely beautiful you should make it into a card.

I love your blog and it makes me smile.

Lynn said...

Good Friday to you Terri :)
I absolutely LOVE your digital background, you are so good with the digi work girl. I used to use my PSP a lot but fear it is outdated now compared to the new version.
Also thanks for the png file of the woman, she looks kinda neat. Hope to use them someday :)

Amy said...

oh my, how sweet!!!
Thanks for sharing your blog award!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Terri, thanks for the gorgeous pix! You are becoming quite the digital queen in addition to the other things you are so good at! You ARE the queen of cheerleaders and blog friends - your three awards must be evidence to that. You are hands down THE best at spreading smiles all over blogland in addition to your ability to make the most gorgeous work for us to enjoy. We're all proud to know YOU!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Lovely photo of the garden. Congrats on all your rewards!

And the first letter to go on my keyboard was 'b'. A bit difficult with my name! It went downhill from there!

Cathy said...

Hello there friend! You are so welcome and deserving of your awards!
I LOVE your 'celebration' piece. What a beautiful looking cupcake!
Your digital piece is absolutely gorgeous! I am really loving your digital creations.
Have a great week!

June said...

Terri thats so beautiful. A really ethereal feel to it
hugs June xxx