September 21, 2009

Heading North!

"The Candy Store"
Visual Journal Page
(Click on a candy jar to see the details!)

A visit to Maine is always filled with joy and surprise for me. Last summer, after a visit to the museum in Rockland and a local art supply store, I was inspired to try my hand at visual journaling. I sketched my granddaughter, Katharine, sitting on the floor of an old fashioned store, loading a paper bag full of penny candy. I was mesmerized by the simplicity, intensity and joy of that childhood moment.

I'm not sure what I did right in a past life, but I sure got lucky in this one when The Fates introduced me to my husband. When asked what I wanted as a Birthday gift, my response was: "I want to see my grandkids." No sooner said than done - my wish has been granted!

Docks Freeport, ME

So here it is, the Monday before my Birthday, and we're on our way to Maine so that Conner (my grandson) and I can celebrate our "Mutual Birthdays" together on Wednesday!!! My heart is filled with happiness and the anticipation of hugs, laughter, kids and dogs. It promises to be a grand (and raucous) Birthday celebration!

Lobster Traps
Freeport, ME

After spending time in Maine, we're heading to Nova Scotia - a first for us, and I can't wait. Since my access to the internet will be limited, I'll be taking a blog break and won't post anything new until we return in two weeks. I will, however, check in from time to time and will also pay a few visits. After all, I can't go through complete I-net withdrawal! Until then, stay well, be happy and make LOTS of art! Watch out lobsters, here we come!

Love & Hugs!


sharon said...

Ohhhh Terri, I am greeeen with envy!! Maine is the most beautiful place in the world!! My brother lived there for 8 years, and we visited often! He lived about 1/2 mile from the Portland Light House in Cape Elizabeth! It was like a fairy tale to me! We always visited Freeport, everything there is gorgeous! Have the best trip EVER! Will miss you though!!

Lynn said...

I suppose, since it is your birthday celebration, we can allow you to get online and visit us, but not too much ok? LOL
I love, love , love your journal page, it is very special, great sketch too Terri. Now go enjoy your trip to Maine and Nova Scotia, you will love it there I can tell you that much, it's beautiful.
Birthday hugs for Wednesday :)

sharon said...

Oops!! Wanted to tell you your journal page is awesome, such a beautiful drawing, you sre sooooo talented!

Unknown said...

I loved what you did with the sketch and the journal I love all the writing around it I so want to get into journaling but I get that blank page fear

DMG said...

I'm so excited for you that you will be able to celebrate your birthday with your grandchildren and in such a gorgoeus place. Maine is #1 on my travel wishlist (and grandchildren are at the top of yet another wish list!). You deserve all the joy life has to offer, so party on BFF. I'll miss you but do some journaling and take some photos to share when you get home.


Janine said...

Dear Terri, this is a great sketch. You should make more drawings. You are so talented.
I love the subject too.
I just posted a painting called the Candy- Kiosk, trying to show that joy childeren have (like we had) in Candy- wonderland.
Have a wonderful time in Nova Scotia.

Ozstuff said...

I think south-western Australia must be further away from Maine than any other place on the planet but I have had the joy of exploring it and, yes, it is beautiful. How wonderful to be able to spend your birthday with your grandchildren. Your sketch of your granddaughter is exquisite and the journaling is a joy. Enjoy your break and a happy belated birthday!

Lori Saul said...

What wonderful photos of picturesque Maine- hope you have a wonderful birthday and visit! Your journal page is beautiful also!

roc said...

have fun!! love your journal page!

gypsy said...

Terri, Wishing you fun adventures & lots of photographs. I hope you will find, as I do, that travel is magical for creativity!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Hope you are having a fabulous time! I am so jealous, can't wait to see all your photos.

Sea Gypsy said...

Happy Birthday!!! That is a beautiful picture you did of your grandaughter. Wow! A trip to Nova Scotia! I hope you will take lots of pics. Have fun!!!!!

Ro Bruhn said...

Have a wonderful birthday. Your photo looks very much like a place that we visit here, Lakes Entrance in Victoria.

Renee (nayski) said...

Hope your birthday was great and your trip is fun.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday! I'm so glad you got your wish!

Now, I'm a little nervous. I think you will find Nova Scotia so lovely you'll never come home and blog again. Alice in Paris is always posting pictures and posts about N.S. and I tease her about living in heaven and that I might just show up on her doorstep. So, have fun but come home sometime and fill us up on your lovely work and posts!

Nishant said...

I loved what you did with the sketch and the journal I love all the writing around it .
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Pom Pom said...

WHAT a gorgeous piece from your visual journal! WOW! WOW! WOW!
I have four little grandbugs and two more arriving this school year! Last night, cradling and kissing the eight month old, well, there is something so holy about it. I'm glad you got to see your loves.

.Trudi Sissons said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photographs - I love the tours you put together. Nice to hear you married your "Prince" - I have a wonderful guy too! Life is great isn't it?