November 22, 2009

Seasonal Reflections & A Giveaway

Time for Reflection

We're about to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday here in the States. Families are gathering, and soon the beautiful colors of gold, amber and rust will be giving way to seasonal red, green, blue and silver. But since autumn is my favorite time of the year, I want to hold onto this time just a little longer.

I adore the colors of this season, the aroma of favorite foods baking in an oven, and the smell of burning leaves. I love the feel of donning a sweater when it's chilly and the weight of adding an extra blanket at night.

I love the crisp sound of biting into a fresh apple, the snap and crackle of a wood fire, the sound of leaves crunching underneath my footsteps, and a cool wind brushing my cheeks.

Whether or not you're celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I wish you a day filled with joy, gratitude and many blessings!


A Giveaway!

"Thanks Giving"
8 1/2" x 11"
Journal Page

In the spirit of the season, and as a way of thanking you for all of your lovely visits and comments, I'd like to give away a print of my journal page "Thanks Giving".

To enter the drawing just leave a comment on this post or any of this week's future posts until midnight on Thursday, November 26th. The winner will be announced on Friday, November 27th. That's it - easey peasey! If you've been lucking in the shadows, this is a great time to stop by with a comment. There are no strangers here, only friends we haven't met yet!

Have an awesome day and remember to be thankful for the "little things"!

Note: I took these pictures at the Green Dragon Flea Market in Lancaster, PA this past summer.


Amy said...

well, Thank You for the wonderful chance to win a piece by you!! Your piece's are always magnificent!!

sharon said...

What a stunning, thoughtful and generous gift to give Terri! You truly recognize the spirit of the season. Thank you so much for your friendship and this opportunity. Hugs!

Melinda Cornish said...

wow! it is a beautiful page and I would love to win it and frame it! This is my first time to your blog, but I wanted to come by and tell you how much I love the charms you made!!! they are really beautiful, thanks so much.....Melinda

Rhonda said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Terri. Your photos are beautiful. Your giving thanks piece is wonderful and whoever wins will be honoured. Cheers!

Glamour Bomb said...

Oh, Terri! This quote from Gibran is one of my ultimate favorites. So I'm tossing my comment in for the giveaway.

As a token of gratitude that Thanksgiving evokes, I want to share with you something I do in my alternate identity! :)

thekathrynwheel said...

OOOh pick me!! I would LOVE to own a print of your art :-) We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK but I'll be thinking of you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

whitewashedcottage said...

Oh, I love your journal page. Happy Thanksgiving

Audrey said...

OOOHHH Terri, you're so sweet, please count me in!

Eila A said...

Terri, thank you for your wonderful reflections about all the joys of autumn! I'm definitely an autumn person, too, so it's very easy to identify with your feelings. - We don't celebrate a Thanksgiving here in Finland, but I think we should. So I want to thank you for all your wonderful artworks and thoughts that you have shared with us! - And please enter me in your giveaway draw. Your journal page is really beautiful!

Marilyn Rock said...

This is a beautiful post Terri! You've captured the season so beautifully with your photos and words. I would love to win a print of your awesome journal page.

I have many things to be thankful for and one of them is connecting with you!

A very healthy, happy and peaceful Thanksgiving to you and yours.

xxoo Marilyn

Lindart said...

Even though my Thanksgiving was a month a go, I can TOTALLY picture this wonderful collage in my kitchen next October!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU!

*jean* said...

ooo how wonderful! please count me in! i also love autumn and everything about blogland!! thank you, terri....what a lovely idea!

Janine said...

I like your photos and what you said about the friends we haven´t met yet.
And of caue I love your giveaway.
And I would love to win it (hehe)

Cathy said...

wonderful photos + fabulous art! i'm thankful to know you!

paru's_circle said...

this is awesome!!!!thanks for the chance to take mpart in this giveaway!! who know, might get lucky.. regards.P

Alberta said...

Terri, I was enjoying the beautiful photographs and then...gasp...I came to your gorgeous journal page! These autumnal hues are so rich, and I love the quote. I want you to know that one of thi things I am thankful for this year is my friendship with you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Taluula said...

Terri, you bring joy with everything you say and do. Your reflections on Autumn are full of joy, and then there is the joyful quote in your wonderful journal page. You always brighten my day. Bravo to a very talented lady.

Sharon said...

Hi Terri,
These seasonal photos are wonderful! When I was a kid we used to rake and burn the leaves and I've never forgotten that wonderful smell.

How lovely that you are doing a give away. Count me in! :)

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Such a perfectly lovely post Terri, I too was just thinking about being thankful for the little things ... because this sweet life is all about little things, isn't it!
Thank you SO much for the chance to be the lucky winner of your wonderful print!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Teri,
I am so glad you wrote to me, its been a long time since I visited you. The photos you took are spendid...then a surprise of your giveaway,,lovely,,you are so talented! Happy Thanksgiving!
Off to look at more!

indybev said...

Your description of autumn could not be worded better, Terri. I share the exact same feelings about it. It is just a magical time of year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Lynn said...

Beautiful post Terri, I do love Fall a lot myself, let's hope it lasts as long as possible this year :) I wish you and your family the best Thanksgiving ever, and I hope you get to eat lots and lots :)

I would also LOVE to be entered into your giveaway, that is such a special collage, you so kind :)

Jenniferfcyu said...

Terri, you bring joy with everything you say and do. Your reflections on Autumn are full of joy, and then there is the joyful quote in your wonderful journal page. You always brighten my day. Bravo to a very talented lady.