May 25, 2010

More Mail Art!

School Days
Created by Lorraine
of Creative Daily

(Click on any of these pics to see the details!)

My sweet friend Lorraine at Creative Daily has been celebrating her blog's first year anniversary by hostessing a wonderful month of giveaways. A prize has been posted for each week during the month of May. And Lorraine, who is a supremely gifted mixed media/textile artist, has been giving away several pieces of her work.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Lorraine, informing me that I'd won her first week's giveaway - a fantastic textile piece named School Days. I couldn't wait for the mail to arrive! And when I finally received her creative package, it was well worth the wait. Lorraine actually "wrapped" her stunning piece in hand-sewn cloth "envelope" printed in colorful alphabet letters. 

Scrumptious Details

Her attention to detail created a breathtaking piece. There are layers of hand dyed muslin, luscious lace, printed fabric, transfers, tulle and tiny brass embellishments to name a few. Fabulous!!!

 More Details

The more I've looked at this piece, the more I see. Lorraine even trimmed this amazing piece with a border of black and white. But that wasn't all! I squealed with delight when I saw a package filled with vibrant color.

Fabulous Fabrics

 Luscious Lace

Lorraine included a package of her beautiful hand-dyed lace and fabric. I almost swooned when I saw that fantastic orange lace, and the chartreuse took me over the moon! I seriously think she's trying to entice me into breaking out my old Singer!

More Goodies!

Once again, I am thrilled and humbled by a friend's generosity and very grateful that Lady Luck smiled on me. I'm so lucky to have won this magnificent giveaway. Thank you, thank you, Lorraine, for your kindness, and I hope you celebrate many more Blog-aversaries!!!

If you have an opportunity, stop by Lorraine's blog, Creative Daily, to see her beautiful work and wish her well. And if you're not too late, you can still enter her drawing for her last giveaway by clicking here.

A Great Sale!
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May your day be filled with color and creativity!


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Terri, What a beautiful treasure you've won!!! The detail work is exquisite. I do believe I hear the rusty voice of your Singer calling out your name. Such a beautiful palette of colors she chose for you. xo Sue

Healing Woman said...

Terri, you did a beautiful job in showing the exquisite art piece that Lorraine made. What a beauty!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congratulations. You are truly lucky because this piece really speaks to me. I keep looking at it close up, and like you, find more and more details the more I look. What a fabulous piece. So many techniques, too. I really liked the crocheted and dyed pieces she sent, too, as well as the lace. Very, very lovely giveaway you won.

Janet Ghio said...

Lucky you! Just yummy!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow Terri!!! you have been so lucky with these wonderful giveaways!!! I love the art piece that she made and the details are wonderful really have a great way to show us stuff!!!


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I'm blushing Terri! The photos of this piece turned out beautiful! Thank you so much for your incredibly kind comments. I can hear the Singer humming out here on the west coast!!! Music to my ears!

Marilyn Rock said...

Gorgeous treasures - congratulations!

Debby said...

Hi Terri, what a beautiful bundle of treasures to arrive in the mail, the collage is amazing.

sharon said...

You are so lucky Terri to receive such a beautiful gift! I have one of Lorraine's fabric collages and fabric I won from OWOH, and they are mind blowing!!
Now cop chop, and let's see what you make!!

~*~Patty said...

How lucky you are Terri ... so many beautiful treasures, really lovely!

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Terri!!!! Lucky you! Doesn't Lorraine create the most awesome fabric! It has to be seen to be believed....and her fabric collage - you really brought out the enormous amount of intricate detailing in it with your photos - which is sometimes my favorite part of looking at cloth collages...if you didn't already know that LOL or here's a new word we can use to describe this yummy stuff - DOLOYAPA! It's the word verification thing I have just had to type in here - it's a keeper!!! Fun to say too! Cheers!
But this is just over the top beautiful. She is so talented.

Marit said...

Now that's some eyecandy... and the "schooldays" piece is gorgeous!!! It's good to get treasures by mail sometimes, enjoy!

Amy said...

a very beautifully created gift for you!!

Lynn said...

Oh WOW, this is a beautiful piece of mixed media art, and just love at all the colorful bits and pieces, lucky you Terri :)

Julia said...

What a fantastic blogpost Terri! A feast for the eye!

LiveArt said...

Lucky you Terri, how wonderful to win such a treasure!! Congratulations my friend!!