April 28, 2012


A - B - C's

Earlier this year I signed up for Joanne Sharpe's  "Lettering Love 101" class that was beginning in February. I couldn't wait to start. Using printed lettering in my work has become boring, and I felt that I needed a new challenge - AND some fun. Joanne's lettering class seemed to be just the ticket to break my "lettering monotony".

Then . . . "Life happened" and the class was put "on hold". Earlier this week, I wrote to Joanne explaining my situation, and she emailed a new link to the private blog. OMG! All I can say is . . . . this class is AmAZiNg!!! Thank You, Joanne!

Practice Makes Perfect!

The supplies are simple, the videos are superb, and Joanne is totally supportive! You don't need a lot of supplies, and there's a ton of support - you can join the Yahoo group, Flickr or Facebook. Joanne's thought of everything!!! This is some of the BEST money I've spent for a class . . . e-v-e-r!!! I've always hated my own lettering, and after watching only a few classes (which are self-paced) I feel as though I'm on my way to a new level of creativity.

If you'd like to see more of Joanne's work, click here to go to her "Whimspirations" blog where you'll find a link to her classes. And . . . you'll get a nice "dose of color" too!

May your day be filled with new discoveries!


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool! Your lettering looks fabulous!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How AWESOME. It was good that you were able to get back in the class, too. Some workshop owners won't do that. And your lettering is divine. Of course, I thought it was great before, too!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic lettering, and how nice of Joanne to grant you access - nows the time for some lightness and fun....xox

Lorraine said...

Great news that you were able to take this workshop. Timing was poor for me but it certainly interests me for the future....