April 12, 2013

Play Time!

Gelli Backgrounds

It seems as though it's been ages since I've spent an afternoon dedicated to pure creative freedom and experimentation. A few months ago - after hearing terrific reviews from other artists - I decided to purchase a Gelli Plate, and it's been waiting patiently for me to find some dedicated "play time".

Earlier this week, I pulled out my new toy along with a variety of acrylic paints and an assortment of tools. I didn't worry or wonder about what I was creating. I consciously decided to live in the moment and played to my heart's content.

The initial base of color was applied to the Gelli Plate, and that first layer was allowed to dry well before more luscious texture, pattern and colors were added.

When I began my studio session, I wasn't quite sure of what to expect and I had no inkling of anticipated results -  I consciously played!!! In my opinion the results speak for themselves, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!!!

May you find the courage to play!
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Jackie said...

These colors and patterns are so pretty! I'm going to have to investigate this new-fangled Gelli plate. I need to watch a demo to see what it is and does.

Martina2801 said...

Dear Terri,
many thanks for your nice comment on my blog. You're so sweet!
My jaw is also dropped down when I saw your brilliant Gelli prints. I've also bought this Gelli Plate and I would like to know how you made the wonderful patterns?
Have a nice weekend my friend.

Janet Ghio said...

I want one of those gelli plates! Lucious, yummy pages you made!!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wow Terri, these are beautiful and I can see them being used to fully enhance one of your journals or as part of card backgrounds. I actually think they would be just perfect in frames to brighten any wall of inspiration. Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend :0) MO x

Sandy said...

Love those colors!! Nice!!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

I think these are the prettiest Gelli plate patterns I've ever seen!

Michelle Reuss said...

Oh, if only all those papers were candy! So lovely! I think this alone has convinced me to get a Gelli plate!

Lynn said...

Isn't it great? Seeing your beautiful papers makes me want to play with mine today :)

Beverley Baird said...

Love your papers! I've become addicted as well.

Natasha said...

I made my own plate this week and fell in love. I love the colours you are using. So much juiciness! I got addicted very quickly, and have lots of paper to play with now! :)

Anonymous said...

over and over these gelli plates keep showing up.

I MUST give these a try soon.

Yours are by far the most vivid. LOVE These colors.