January 21, 2014


"She Loved to Color"
(A Postcard!)

Although I've continued to participate in the Documented Life Project, it was a nice change of pace to create a postcard for a private swap.  I haven't created a new digital image in ages, so it was fun to sit down for an afternoon to "colorize" a black and white photo of a little girl.  First, I digitally enhanced the picture, and then I poured on the mixed media.

Since I like to keep copies of my artwork, I scanned the finished piece to add to my file; however, the most interesting thing happened: The little crocheted flower at the bottom of the postcard was read by two scanners as being "yellow", when it's actually a very bright and vibrant orange!!! 

Week #4's DLP Challenge

Here's a close-up peek at a small section of Week #4's Documented Life prompt to add a secret message, color to your page and leave one word showing. My page began with a color copy of an old page from my gratitude journal. How fitting that the word left "uncovered" is "gratitude"! I've many things to be grateful for! You can see all of my Documented Life pages if you visit my Flickr account. (Click here to go to the "Set" page!)

Several members of the Documented Life group have asked me to think about doing a tutorial. I'm entertaining the idea and welcome your thoughts and comments about what you'd like to see me share.

Wishing you a bright and very colorful day!


John'aLee said...

It is beautiful!

massofhair said...

Beautiful digi creation vibrant & busy very cool colours:-)

Netty said...

I love your designs and the wonderful colours you use. Hugs Annette x

Lynn said...

Oh how beautiful she is Terri, and she loves to color just like you :) your art always makes me smile !

Effie said...

Beautifully colourful as usuall..
Happy New Year..

ike said...

Oh ! How delightful - that is brilliant :-D

IKE in Greece xxxxz

cathy parmelee said...


Sharon Chapman said...

Well Terri I rushed to join in DLP and am caught up. They are not great but they are what they are. Now I have a whole week to do #5. Of course I am drooling over your beautiful work. :-))

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've missed your burst of color, and I've missed YOU. Especially since I'm not on Facebook, Twitter, or those other social media sites. I'll always be a blogger and my world is NEVER as colorful as it is when you're in it.

I'm so glad you have found a project that will bring the color back. I look forward to the rest of the year, too.

I knew you had been taking care of your hubby, but had no idea about your mother, too. What a stressful time. But I'm hoping the color will return to your pages AND your cheeks, too.