January 15, 2015

Moving On!

Although I may have been absent from "blogland", I've been enjoying afternoons of dedicated studio time to flex my creative wings. Last year I participated in the "Documented Life Project" and completed my goal of journaling each week. Working in my "DLP" journal was an artistic exercise in dedication, and I've got 52 weeks of luscious artwork literally bulging out of my 2014 Moleskine planner. What a treasure!

Many of you enjoyed my "I've Got a Secret" workshop in 2013's "21 Secrets" class. As a thank you to my loyal fans, I released the entire workshop on You Tube for everyone to enjoy, and the feedback has been extremely gratifying. Click here to go there!

It's always with the best of intentions that I dust away the cobwebs to begin another round of blog posts. While I've enjoyed blogging, it takes a massive amount of discipline and energy to write and maintain a good blog post consistently. Writing a post - complete with pictures - takes time . . . . and creative time spent on "The Matrix" is artistic time taken away from the studio. Sadly, the world has gotten faster in the last few years, and many of my blogging friends have moved on to other venues.

So, even though I may appear to be absent from the art community in the blog world, I'm very active on Facebook and Instagram and post my work regularly on those sites. If you'd like to follow my creative journey, please join me there. I'm not saying "goodbye", I'm just moving to faster ways to communicate!

Wishing you a bright, colorful and creative year that's filled with many blessings!


Altered Amanda said...

Just like you to post that workshop!
Generous soul!

Effie said...

So nice to read your post..how are Cosmo and J getting on?
Not on FB or Instagram...
Happy New Year!

Linda DesGroseilliers said...

It's totally understandable that you're moving out of "blogland". It takes time that we can never get back. I love to see your DLP posts (all of that color is so joyous) and will follow you on FaceBook and Instagram (if I can ever figure out how Instagram works, lol). I've tried to pass the word about your YouTube videos to the newbies in the DLP group - they were so helpful to me that I feel everyone can benefit from them. Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration!

Janine said...

Dear Terrie,
I have been away for a while myselfe but now decided to come back, because I enjoyed all this.
And I missed it.
I allways admired your creativity and will follow your journey on FB
if you decided to stop Blogging.
I wish you a great and creative 2015, my best wishes, Janine

Lottie me said...

A friend in France just phoned me and we got chatting and she told me about you!

I am hooked and intend spending many happy hours reading all your posts and watching your you tube films. Absolute joy for me

Artyjen said...

So know what you mean about the amount of time it takes to blog!!
look forward to finding you on facebook.

Audrey said...

Thank you so much!
I love your videos!
I've learned so much!

Kim Collister said...

You know you are one of my happy places and I'm just letting you know that I am missing you here my lovely friend. I am hoping to still see you here off and on sharing some of your creative journeys. XO

www.top-essays-uk.com said...

You made me happy and confident. Thanks for your help and workshops! I enjoyed being a part of your life. It happens when we need to move on..
Inez Morales

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