January 15, 2015

Moving On!

Although I may have been absent from "blogland", I've been enjoying afternoons of dedicated studio time to flex my creative wings. Last year I participated in the "Documented Life Project" and completed my goal of journaling each week. Working in my "DLP" journal was an artistic exercise in dedication, and I've got 52 weeks of luscious artwork literally bulging out of my 2014 Moleskine planner. What a treasure!

Many of you enjoyed my "I've Got a Secret" workshop in 2013's "21 Secrets" class. As a thank you to my loyal fans, I released the entire workshop on You Tube for everyone to enjoy, and the feedback has been extremely gratifying. Click here to go there!

It's always with the best of intentions that I dust away the cobwebs to begin another round of blog posts. While I've enjoyed blogging, it takes a massive amount of discipline and energy to write and maintain a good blog post consistently. Writing a post - complete with pictures - takes time . . . . and creative time spent on "The Matrix" is artistic time taken away from the studio. Sadly, the world has gotten faster in the last few years, and many of my blogging friends have moved on to other venues.

So, even though I may appear to be absent from the art community in the blog world, I'm very active on Facebook and Instagram and post my work regularly on those sites. If you'd like to follow my creative journey, please join me there. I'm not saying "goodbye", I'm just moving to faster ways to communicate!

Wishing you a bright, colorful and creative year that's filled with many blessings!

April 15, 2014

Easter Greetings!

Happy Easter!

Thank goodness we've all managed to survive a very long and difficult Winter! Seeing pansies and daffodils makes my heart sing with happiness. Blue skies and puffy, white clouds are a blessing. This is Cosmo's first Spring, so I'm seeing and experiencing everything with "new eyes" . . . There's nothing quite like watching a puppy chase his first bug!!! LOL!!! Life is good. We've been blessed many times over.

During the past few months I've been participating in the "Documented Life Project", and my Moleskine planner is getting chubbier and chubbier!!! This weeks prompt was to integrate "food boxes" into our spread and embellish them. I chose to use color copies of a few boxes of tea, chicken soup AND a box of Samoa Girl Scout cookies. To be honest, I really didn't want to open that darn box cookies, plus I wanted to cut down on the bulk in my journal pages.

I found an old scrapbook punch and cut the scalloped circles in half to form my border. Out came my white Sharpie poster paint pen and white acrylic paints. The paint circles were stamped with an old plastic lid. Voila!!! I had a pretty, lacey-looking border for my spread.

I've had several inquiries about the DLP. If you're interested in learning more, click here to go to the "Art to the 5th" website. All of the information is there, as well a few free tutorials. It's never too late to join in the journaling fun.

Sending wishes and blessings for a beautiful Spring celebration!

April 7, 2014

"Secret Journal" Workshop Released!

 Some of the best things in life ARE "free"!!! 

I've been promising to release a few videos, and today's the day!!! This link - https://www.youtube.com/user/PringleHillStudio/featured - will take you to my You Tube Channel: PringleHillStudio, where you'll find my entire "Secret Journal Workshop" that was included as part of last year's "21 Secrets" class. I'm presenting it to you in its entirety for "free" - including links to all of the original class's PDF's, templates and images so you can follow along to make your very own journal.

The workshop is comprised of ten videos. Each can be viewed individually OR feel free to skip around. There's lots of information - especially if you're 'new' to art journaling. I've even included a sneak peak into one of my private  journals, and have created a "Secret Journal Workshop" Community Page on Facebook, where you can share your thoughts, pictures and ask questions. Click here to go there!

Releasing a video workshop of this magnitude is fairly unprecedented, but it's my way of saying "thank you" to all of my loyal fans for your support over the past few years and paying it forward. We can all use a little "happiness", so please feel free to share the link. The more participants - the merrier!!! Enjoy!!!

May your day be bright and filled with beautiful blessings!

March 19, 2014

Art Doll - "Angel of Color"

"Angel of Color"

Since the beginning of the year, most of my art time has been spent working in my "Documented Life Planner". We just finished Week #12, and I'm proud to say that I've managed to stay disciplined for the past few months. That's quite an accomplishment for me, since caretaking for family has limited the time spent in my studio over the past two years.

However, as much as I've enjoyed journaling in my Moleskine planner, when I saw a few art dolls created by friends, my imagination soared to new heights, and I couldn't resist ordering a few 'blanks' from Retro Cafe Art Gallery.

I think these little dolls might become an obsession. This doll gave me an opportunity to spread new creative 'wings'. Old bits of backgrounds, sari ribbon,  jeweled bits and an antique escutcheon were used to create this little angel - a tribute to my love of color.

If you're interested in creating a special doll, check out Retro Cafe Art Gallery's extensive selection of 'blanks'. My angel began with a medium Santos doll. And, if you DO happen to order, please tell Kristin Hubrick that "Terri sent you!"

If you'd like a peek into my DLP journal, click here to see more. The link will take you directly to my FLICKR set so you can see all of the pages.

My Documented Life Journal!

May your day be filled with laughter and color!!!