February 21, 2009

Brown Out!

Bunny in Early Stages

As mentioned in an earlier post, I've been busy painting animals this week - cute, furry little critters for a very special nursery. Expectant Mommy and Daddy are waiting for their little one, and the nursery is in its final preparatory stages.

Pond Scene

When I left my client on Friday, I looked around the room and smiled at the sweet little faces scattered around the room. It's about half-way finished and there's a lot more to do. But as cute as the room is, there was a longing and emptiness in my soul when I finished my work week. Painting this room has posed a lot of challenges and has give me a great sense of satisfaction; however, the absence of color on this project has really affected my psyche. I never quite realized how much working with color affects the way I feel physically and mentally. And this job has lots and lots of brown - light brown, dark brown and every shade and variance in between.

Fox - Completed

I wonder if there's a name for those of us who suffer from color deprivation? I wonder if it's some sort of rare disease? I wonder if I'm the only person who feels this depressed when surrounded with tons of brown and/or gray? All I know is this . . . . . . For the remainder of the weekend, if I see anything brown, it better be in a candy wrapper!

PS - Thanks for listening! I'll be sure to post more pics when the nursery is finished.


BlueRidgeLady said...

OMG you are cracking me up woman! These drawings are amazing and absolutely adorable!!! They are perfect for a nursery! If there is a disease that exists like this then I have it too!!! We probably will need some sort of color therapy of some sort I am sure! Hope you were able to acquire lots of those brown candy wrappers LOL! Have a good night :D

DMG said...

I just love these drawings! I know exactly what you mean about color deprivation too. I bet we could assemble a support group right her in about 10 minutes too. Making journal pages is what's gotten me through January and February this year.

Terri Kahrs said...

Hey, Shelly & Alberta! Nope - no chocolate for me; had a nice glass of wine instead! Shelly, you cracked ME up too! Thanks SO much for the compliments. I feel as though I am truly blessed to finally do what I love (and I have the BEST mommies and daddies in the whole world!).

I really WAS depressed when I left on Friday. Thank goodness there was a nice weekend in between the bunnies and the mama bear! Alberta, I TRULY understand your doing journal pages to get through those terrible brown/gray months! That's what I love the most about your work and Shelly's - it's just SO wonderfully colorful! Am happy to know that I'm in good company when it comes to this terrible disease! Tons of Happy Colorful Hugs! Terri :)