March 20, 2009

Spring Surprise!

Today is the very first day of Spring, but Mother Nature had something else in store for us this morning! Imagine my surprise when I looked out of my bedroom window first thing this morning and witnessed snow falling!!! Daffodils and irises are on their bright way, but not quite yet. The lovely lyrics to "The Rose" immediately came to mind. Wonderful words of hope!

I'm out of the "pain" woods, finally. Still feel like I've taken a good shot to the jaw, but will live to dance again. Thanks to everyone who sent loving messages and hugs! I truly appreciate your healing vibes.

Just a reminder about the "Pay It Forward" giveaway. If you'd like to participate in the drawing, just leave a comment on my blog telling me that you're "in" and would like to participate any time between today and Friday, April 3rd. The three winners will be announced on Monday, April 6th. Again, if you do participate and are lucky enough to win, you MUST post a giveaway on your blog. If you enter, please leave a connecting link so that I can advise you of your win!

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. And . . . Happy Spring!


Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Hello SISTER! One more thing in common...
Actually 2-- we both posted about spring today and put a photo of flowers on our blog. AND both of us had grandmothers who taught us how to embroider. Mine taught me at the ripe old age of 8(not same age but damn close). It's starting to be like a game. Everyday discloses another similarity between us.
Thanks for the lovely comments about my little crazy quilt. It doesn't take that much patience, just busy fingers. I love to have something to work on while sitting in front of the tv at night.
Thanks again and have a stupendous weekend and do hope your mouth is all better.

Terri Kahrs said...

Hey, Cyber-SIS! Can't believe all of these coincidences!!!! I smile at every similarity!!! Am feeling better every minute!

Have a wonderfully happy weekend!
BIG Sisterly Hugs,
Terri :) xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Snow? You'd think you were living in Wisconsin :D So sorry to read about your dental troubles - hope the drugs are working!! (Think of the great psychedelic art you can produce under the influence ;o)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Miss Terri Lady! So glad to hear your pain is easing up and that you will "dance again". What a wonderful thing to say. I might steal that someday.

I see the sister thing going on - I just came from Cathy's blog and thought the same thing when I saw the pretty flowers - tow peas in a pod. She doesn't have snow though (I don't think). I so enjoyed the snow while I was in Missouri. Can you believe it had been almost 20 years since I had seen snow falling? That is really sad to me if I think about it. There is something so peaceful and quiet about snow that makes you feel so cozy and at home (when you're inside) like no other time I can think of. So enjoy it for me. It is supposed to rain here tomorrow. That's good. I can stay home and enjoy it and we need it.

I came in to check on you and can leave happy that you are A-Okay! Enjoy Sunday!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Heyyyyy....yeeee whooo!! Just popped in to check on ya! So glad you are getting back to normal and feeling better and dancing again! Enjoyed your pretty flower pics, I saw they had snow on the Today show yesterday! I was freezing watching it! Things will be popping up before too long, better now than after they do! That's what usually happens here to us in Georgia, I won't talk about it any longer, don't wanna jinx us!! Have a beautiful day my sweet!

DMG said...

Look what happens when I go upstairs to finish a painting! I had no idea what an ordeal you'd been through, and I didn't think I'd missed a day of visiting you. I wish I were there to make you soup (my specialty), but I am glad you're feeling better. I had to laugh when I read what you said about your husband. It could"ve have been a direct quote from me 25 yrs ago! Like BRL said, here in Georgia, mu tulips and redbuds are blooming, and the dogwoods are just about to burst into blossom. The sun is out, and I will be too this afternoon, cleaning up my flower beds and tidying my rose arbors. I will be thinking of you, sweet friend, and sending you bouquets of flowers from my heart.


Terri Kahrs said...

Carolyn, I cracked up when I read "You'd think it was Wisconsin!" Too funny! Am sure you've still got a bit of the white stuff around somewhere. Thanks so much for the chuckle. You made my day!

Marsha, I truly enjoyed hearing about your recent experience in Missouri with the falling snow. I'm sure it stirred many memories. Nothing I like better than a snowstorm when I know that everyone I love is safe and cozy inside!!!!!

And, Marsha, Shelly and Alberta . . . Thank you my dear friends for checking up on me. Your comforting thoughts and sweet wishes (and Alberta's virtual "soup") touched my heart and made me smile. I'm SO blessed to have you in my life!!!

Hope you all had the most wonderful day! Love You! xoxoxoxoxo