August 12, 2009

Retro Fairy & A Reminder!

"Oven Lovin"
5"x7" Collage
(Click on the cake to see the details!)

My retro fairy fulfills the challenge at The Three Muses for their hat theme and is my entry for this week's Crowabout challenge. Many in the States will recognize the background of S&H trade stamps that were known as "green stamps".

The iconic S&H stamps were one of the first consumer award programs and were given to reward purchases for food, gasoline, etc. in the late 50's and 60's. Woman saved their green stamps in books and took boxes and bags of them to redemption centers to trade for all types of household items. I have fond memories of my Mom, my sister and I, sitting around the kitchen table arduously licking tons of these stamps, placing them in the books meticulously, and proudly sporting green tongues. Holy Cow! I can't even begin to think of the quantities of green dye that we ingested!

When I saw this week's Crowabout images, the retro lady with her baked goodies spoke to my childhood. If my Mom wasn't saving her green stamps for china and crystal, she was baking. And, yes, we had great fun vying for our turn to lick the frosting and batter bowls. Thanks for the memories, Mom!

A Few Techniques

My retro lady was given wings (from Dover Publications), and digitally composed and arranged on the S&H background (stamps courtsey of Flickr's (Takeabreak). Six of this week's Crowabout images were used, including the teeny-tiny digital earrings made from the frying pan. The butterfly and roses were added as feminine embellishments (Cassiscreations - Etsy), and the little hearts were made from scrap paper.

The background was color enhanced with watercolor washes, and I added a bit of stenciling with white acrylic paint. Unfortunately my scanner did not read the pretty sparkle flourishes that overstamp the striped heart corners. (They were created with a sparkly embossing powder.) A bit of glitter was added to the party hat, the earrings, the cake plate and the apron. Once again, my scanner failed to read the glitter. Dots were added to the background with silver metallic marker, and the same marker was used to edge the finished piece.

Giveaway Reminder!

Just a quick reminder about my current giveaway to celebrate my 101st post. You still have time to enter the drawing by clicking here and leaving a comment on that post. The winner will be announced this Friday, August 14. Good luck to all!

Hope you have a day filled with sweet memories!


Michelle Remy said...

I just love this piece...I was completely stumped by this week's set of images at Crowabout but you've shown me what beauty can be made from such an odd collection of images. Superb as always! xo - Michelle

I remember collecting stamps too! Now that brings back memories!

Eila A said...

Terri, thanks for sharing your lovely story with us! Your artwork is so wonderful - and the hat this lady is wearing is pretty funny, too!

sharon said...

This is sooooo grand Terri, and you have struck a chord with the green stamps!!! I had completely forgotten about them, they are wonderful! I still use my set of cast iron frying pans obtained with green stamps the first year I was married....that was only 25 years ago!!! Yours is a brilliant piece!! This was my first crowabout, and not to mention I'm not very good at this collage thing yet, this was a big challenge to me!

Melisa said...

Love this, especially the green stamps background! It all just works together so well.

DMG said...

One thing you don't know about me is that I won the Betty Crocker Honmemaker of Tomorrow award my senior year of high school. As a joke, my best friend signed me up to take the test, and I won the scholarship! So, your piece not only brings back funny memories, it is an awesome collage, Terri. Thank you!

Lynn said...

What a fun and unique piece of art today Terri, I love the green stamps backgrounds and I did recognize them although I never grew up in the States so must have seen them somewhere :)
I love the little quote and all the techniques you use, what fond memories too.
Have a great day,

indybev said...

If we're old enough we remember green stamps! Going shopping with the stamp books was like getting something for nothing. What fun! You DID make magic with this week's crowabout collage sheet, and the hat, of course, is perfect for Ann's chalenge at Three Muses. Thanks for joining in, Terri. You make magic, as always. (Frying pan earrings. Well, doesn't everyone???)

Sandy said...

Oh wow Terri you work inspire me.
Amazing piece and lovely story. Love them.

Ozstuff said...

I should say that delicious chapeau qualifies for the challenge and then some! Your awesome, colorful, artistic, creative collages just take my breath away. This one is brilliant. Standing ovation!

vintage wil said...

What a beautiful work!!!

Lori Saul said...

Beautiful entry for both challenges Terri- very clever and creative use of mixed elements- I do remember the Green stamps and Blue Chip stamps- that I pasted in books for my mom to get stuff in the early 60's . Thanks for some fun memories!!

AliMayes said...

Over here (in the UK) those were known as 'Green Shield' Stamps but they look exactly the same although I don't think my mother ever collected them - she was much too disorganized!! Love your collage though especially the earrings and I must go and comment on Crowabout too.
Ali xx

Janine said...

That is such a cool and lovely one.
To be a housewife really means a lot of things.
Have a lovely day

Faye said...

Terri, this certainly does bring back memories of those S&H green stamps days. I love what you've done with them on your art. Delightful piece.

Jayne said...

Brilliant Terri!!

Barb said...

Oh Terri, you made me laugh -- this brings back childhood memories. Just luv your creation!

Taluula said...

Oh yes I remember Green Shield Stamps too, I believe we saved them for what seemed for ever before we got enough to buy anything.

Terri, your collage is stunning as always, and thanks for the little trip down memory lane.

Yvonne said...

Fantastic piece, Terri!

Janine said...

Dear Terri,
congratulations to your award too.
I know that Cathy passed it to you aswell.
And I can give back the compliment, WELL DESERVED.
Your creations are so cool and funny, I love to see them so you belong to those who make me smile too.
Have a lovely day

Rhonda said...

This is a wonderful retro piece! I love all the detail and thanks for the background story - I just love learning some of the history of the piece and your family. Great fun. Cheers!

K said...

great piece!

"MOI" Freubel said...

Hurray for your TRANSLATOR Terri !
I have never read so quickly a long blog !
Thanks for being so taughtful !
About your "oven lovin"
What a wonderful and lovely presentation and artwork !
Bravo from the Netherlands !

Judy said...

Sensational piece, again today, terri, everyone must enlarge it to see more of your humor!

Rosanna said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You work magic with the most ordinary of images. Fantastic work.