September 14, 2009


"Enchanted" 5"x7" Collage
(Click on a bunny to see the details!)

I learned a valuable lesson this past week: "You cannot force a Muse to cooperate and perform on demand!" I spent several hours in the studio last week trying to create a few pieces for some of my usual challenges; however, it seemed as though my Muse left for a short vacation and took Inspiration with her.

I should have put my scissors and glue away, should have taken a walk, should have done laundry. I should have recognized the opportunity for a short artistic "rest". Instead I kept trying to create, and ended with results that were forced and uninspired. Well . . . that's what trash cans are for, arent they?!?

So . . . after having a terrible time in the studio, along came the Crowabout images this week, and my Muse was back in a jiffy. She fell in love with the two colorful "tall men", as well as the ballerina. The moral of the story is: "Listen to and always wait for your Muse!"

Hope you have an enchanted day!

Credits: Almost all of the images are courtesy of Nancy's Baumiller's Flick Crowabout group with the following exceptions. The castle background is from Freubel (thank you Rian!), the butterflies are from Dover Publications. The stars and Mr. Moon are my creations, and the little snail was clipped from an old brochure, scanned and digitally recolored.


Jayne said...

This is just gorgeous Terri,love it!!

Janine said...

Dear Terri, wow you really wrote many posts the last 2 weeks.
I love your beautiful dreamer and the virtual tour through frenchtown.
How lovely that looks.
That must be a pleasant town to life. The old victorian house reminds me a bit of the one in the film "Practical magic".
Have a lovely day, and a good week

sharon said...

I saw this on flickr before, and am totally enchanted with it!! It shines and sparkles , and there is so much detail and is adorable! Another terrific piece Terri!!

BlueRidgeLady said...

I know exactly what you mean Terri! My trash can is full!!! I adore this collage and your muse is most definitely back, I have a hard time believing it was ever gone! Hugs!!

Michelle Remy said...

"Enchanted" is truly enchanting! A fairy tale on paper, it looks like it should be a children's book illustration...bravo! Standing O from me! xo - Michelle

Amy said...

oh she is a delightful winged fairy..pretty too!!! I adore her lil' creature's at the bottom..bunies and mushroom's..fantastic..I love it so much.

Unknown said...

Oh Terri this turned out simply MAGICAL!!! Everything about it just sings a song of creativity. You have out done yourself.

Unknown said...

I loved this blog post I had the same thing last Thursday!!! I ended up saving the piece. But should have not spent so much time saving It I still see the struggle when I look at it! However your muse hit a bulls eye with this lovely piece.

Effie said...

Love this... it's fab!

Lynn said...

Woo hoo, she came back and with a force I see :) This collage is amazing, I looked over every inch of it. I love how the ballerina is looking up at the tall man, I love the castle door behind them, and of course, Mr Moon Man, which I just love is looking down on them. Awesome!!!!!

"MOI" Freubel said...

It makes me so happy to see what you have done with my background Terri ! I'ts almost unrecognizable with the wonderful technique that you've used !
Al together it's such a feast to look at ! Specialy the two tall men.

Unknown said...

Wonderful wonderful tall men :)

... and I love the tale that goes with it .... I'm in a "museless" reality right now - terribly inspired to plant in the garden, paint walls, clean carpets - you name it. I think it's just a muse of a different sort :)

Michele said...

I love this!! Very cool piece. I really dig those tall guys with the funky hats. :)

I find that my muse frequently goes on vacation without notice. (I'll have to talk to her about that.) Usually though, the damage I do during those uninspired times, is nothing that a coat of white paint can't fix. :O

Lori Saul said...

This is an amazing artwork Terri! Your creative muse looks in full force to me- I love what you did with the images - a magical world!

Ozstuff said...

Enchanted? I say ENCHANTING! This is a most beautiful collage, Terri. Your artwork is stunning.