September 7, 2009

"Wild About Harry"

"Wild About Harry"
5"x7" Collage
(Click on Harry's nose to see the details!)

I'm not a Goth girl, and I don't deal well with scary things. Matter of fact, the wicked witch in Snow White scares the ever living daylights out of me! When I watch an infrequent scary movie, I'm the girl with her head buried under the blanket. My husband knows that when the weird music begins to play, my hands will start to shake. Then I'll cover my eyes and will give him directions to "Tell me when it's over." You also know how much I adore color - luscious, vivid, decadent color - the brighter, the better.

Imagine my initial shock and surprise when I saw this week's Crowabout images for the first time. Haunting, scary, dark and depressing were the first words that came to mind. Thankfully, my hands didn't shake, but the pictures rocked my happy little enchanted world!


My Tecniques

Using a piece of scrap paper for the background, I added faux text with black Stazon ink and a stenciled pattern using mesh from a fruit box and gold paint. After sizing my images in a photo editing program, they were carefully hand trimmed and pasted into position.

Some of the images were outlined with a smudged charcoal pencil, and all of them were color enhanced with watercolors and Prismacolor pencils. Outlines were added carefully with a black Prismacolor pencil and a black Pitt pen.

The flourishes were stamped with clear embossing ink and sprinkled with black embossing powder. Further color was added to the background with additional watercolors.

Hope you have a day filled with smiles!

Credits: Almost all of the images are courtesy of Nancy's Baumiller's Flick Crowabout group with the following exceptions. Both of the butterflies and the rose cluster on Harry's hat are from Dover Publications. Stars are from my collection. The hat is from Tammara at Pixel Music.


icandy... said...

This is just awesome.... I know what you mean about that witch in Snow White, too!! :)

Taluula said...

Oh wow Miss Terri this is stunning, and I hope everyone enlarges to see all the lovely detail. A brilliant piece of scariness.

sharon said...

Terri, this is S.U.P.E.R.B.!!! I absolutely loooove it!! I am the same way about scary things, really not me, so I am having a hard time with this week's challenge.
Again, your depth of color is wonderful, but this entire piece has so much detail it's just incredible!! BRAVO!!!

Unknown said...

This reminds me of one of those really cool fine art tattoos .... fabulous! Harry and Pumpkin Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas) could be best buds!

Terri Daugherty said...

Yeaaa, this is awesome! I don't like scarey movies either but for some reason i'm drawn to gothic symbolism. maybe because it's close to halloween and i so love to see all the decorations up in the stores. you rocked this collage and now you've made me want to go play with my collage sheet instead of washing and folding laundry!

Amy said...


I love Harry..he's so cheery! Love his one eye up top and the bat friends are fab. I hope that butterfly doesn't tickle his nose.

Great artwork as always!! everything is magical here

roc said...

you did a wonderful job with this! it's always great to read your
"how to"!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Terri, I know just what you mean! I was taking some photos for Vanessa's Halloween party and they were eerie (for me, most would think they are super mild! hee hee) Oh you did such a wonderful job making him a scary harry! Blessings dear.

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

I missed way too much AGAIN! I find that when I'm creative I have no time for the computer.
Your digital ATC "Destiny" is so gorgeous I'm in awe. Your digital designs are so wonderful! Love 'Harry' even though he's not your 'normal' choice of theme. You did a superb job with it.
Yet another thing we have in common...
I hide my face in scary movies also. I just can't handle them!
have a great week,

Lori Saul said...

This is brilliant up close Terri wonderful composition here and your use of elements is perfect very contemporary and cool- tattoo-like!

DMG said...

This is the perkiest, happiest skull I've ever seen. I never thought to describe anything skeletal is adorable, but he is! You have such a magical imagination, Terri. BTW, I watch anything resembling suspenseful in the reflection of my bedroom window. If I look directly at the television screen, it's just too frightening. And scary movies are out of the question entirely. My grown sons, 6'2" and 6'3" respectively, even have to peek through their fingers if ominous music is playing. But I love Halloween and the idea of withches and ghosts, and I have a strange attraction for images of skulls.

And the butterfly nose...get out of town!

Lynn said...

Terri, this was obviously a really great challenge for you, and I mean "challenge", because it took you outside your "scary" box, so to speak, and you did it again, you created a wonderful collage, and you stretched yourself creatively :) I think you could take anything and make it happy:)