December 16, 2009

"The Naughty Elf"

"Naughty Elf!"
4"x6" Collage
(Click on a snowflake to see the details!)

The inspiration for this postcard came from memories of when my four children were very small. Around Christmastime when asked "Who made this mess?" or "Who is responsible for . . . . .?", all four answers were always the same and were said with utmost sincerity. The answer was always: "I don't know - not me!" Sometimes it took everything I had to keep a smile from appearing on my face during those "teachable moments"!

When I saw this little girl, the look on her face reminded me of those "honest" childhood answers, and the memories came flooding back. Without further ado, meet "Not-Me", the Naughty Elf!!!

Hope you have a day filled with wonderful memories!

Credits: Girl in green dress, the Santa hat, ornament, Christmas bird and pointsetta flowers from Lisa's Altered Art - Etsy; the enchanted door from Artsy Fartsy Queen - Flickr; and the turquoise border from TumbleFish Studio - Etsy.


Barb said...

Oh yes Terri....she's naughty...but very nice!..It is gorgeous! Love it.

Season's Greetings to you and yours..

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh, ha ha ha! You have a wonderful sense of humour! This is perfect. One of the things that always makes me laugh as a school teacher, is that if somebody in class does something they shouldn't, there are 29 others willing to tell tales! Hilarious! Lovely work Terri, you bring a smile to my face :-)

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Yes; love the expression on this little girl! Priceless! I remember those days of "I didn't do it"! hahahahaha. Love the whimsy of this piece, yet is has such meaning! Beautiful Terri! xxoo

Ozstuff said...

Doncha know that's why little ones have imaginary friends? To blame them, of course.
Terri, this is such a delightful card. It is beautiful and funny and I am sure the story that goes with it has touched a chord with everyone who has had small children - or knows some.
I just love your artwork - and your sense of humour.

*jean* said...

ooo terri, soooo cute! i really like your postcards...your work is so delightful and cheery!!

~*~Patty said...

a right naughty ole elf ... Love this Terri ... every house with children surely has at least one ;)
Ho Ho Ho

sharon said...

It wasn't me!! hehe. This is so perfect Terri, and soooo true! What a great idea and beautifully done, and always with that gorgeous color of yours. I am really liking that reddish color you have been is just lush!

Unknown said...

ohhh... I so adore your artwork!!! thanks for the advice I really do need to remember to breathe!lol!

Unknown said...

Hi Terri!!!! your work is wonderful and always so bright and cheery!!! I love this naughty and nice elf!!! Wonderful read too!!! have a fab day!!!


Unknown said...

too cute!
we have a Not Me living at our house too ..... he/she is the one to get coal this year I think :)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Terri! I am finally here visiting. I've been so awful! But I am determined to get caught up on everyone before Christmas and with an ulterior motive to fill up on inspiration, I must admit. No short supply of inspiration from you - EVER. Your work is so rich and warm and beautiful. You have such a talent at making art and adding a story to it that everyone can relate to with a warm familiarity.
Well, if nothing else, wanted to drop off some Christmas cheer and biggest wishes for a very blissful Holiday season with your family and friends. I'll be thinking of you, my journey friend.
(shhh, and by the way, love the quote you gave me - I think it's winning so far but the family has to vote still)
Talk to you soon!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This piece made me smile. I love how you put your collages together!!

Amy said...

I wonder what kind of surprises are behind that door. Your piece is so playful and fun! Love red birds!

Unknown said...

Hi Terri!!! thank you for sending Birthday wishes for my Grandma!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!


Julia said...

As always, I admire your work so much! Fun to read also!:)

DMG said...

My son each had there own naughty elves, Albert and Wombley, to oversee thier yearly adventures and write them annual Christmas letters of love and encouragement. Your elf collage is adorable and brings back so many wonderful memories. Thank you, Terri!

Taluula said...

Terri I do love your posts and the little stories or techniques that accompany them. This one makes me say awwwwww at those lovely happy memories you shared with us AND the lovely illustration too of course.

May I wish you and yours the most wonderful of Christmases and the best New Year.

Audrey said...

Love your elf!