December 18, 2009

A Question & Freebies

A Vintage Santa
For your artful pleasure!
(PNG File)

Quick question: Why does Santa get all of the credit, when it's dear Mrs. Claus who's been gathering the gifts, sending the cards, wrapping the presents and cooking and cleaning for the big day?

It's not that I'm complaining, and I know it's a rhetorical question. However, since I'm up to my ears in last minute Christmas preparations, I can't help but ask. I guess the old saying, "It takes a woman to do a man's job" is true! LOL!

Jpeg File


Mrs. Claus
Merry Christmas to All!

A PNG File
& A JPEG File

Here's hoping that your preparations are almost complete and that your sense of humor is still intact!


Marilyn J. Rock said...

Now; if I looked like Mrs. Claus, here, my husband would probably be taking care of everything here - hahahahaha!

Thank you for sharing your freebies - they are wonderful. So are YOU!

Happy Holidays to you and yours Terri! xxoo Marilyn

sharon said...

Seems we are on the same wavelength Terri! Gotta keep smilin , it makes it a wee bit easier!! I'd have to agree with Marilyn on the Mrs Claus issue here, and the santa is a gorgeous image! Thank you again for all the trouble you go through to give us these each week. Have a fantastic weekend!!

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh yes, that's just how I look on Christams Day (NOT!) Ha ha, thanks for the giggle :-)

Taluula said...

Oooooh Terri I can't wait to use this one. Thanks my friend.

Janine said...

It´s hard to stand the december- madness.
But after al I do enjoy it, at least a littlebit.
I love your Mrs. Claus picture.
Have a beautyful weekend and held your head up high.

Unknown said...

Oh Terri thank you so much this is wonderful! AND YES YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!! We work like crazy just to fall in the chair on Christmas day for a tiny fraction of a second while the gifts are opened only to get up and start the Christmas dinner paper clean up, traveling to family all the clean up after dinner and then to bed! OH JOY!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Truth and cuteness wrapped up in one package! Thanks for the fun post! Blessings friend.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I was just talking with a neighbor yesterday and found myself saying "I hang the outside lights, I hand the inside lights, I put up all the trees, put lights on the trees, do the shopping, wrapping, mailing, and baking, and do the card writing and addressing and finish it all up with cooking a ridiculously huge meal after being exhausted from all of the above and what does my husband do?" I love my man, more than anything, but where would Christmas be without all of the Mrs. Clauses out there?
Lovely images to share! Back to work to do all that stuff!

Amy said... always want the credit for everything.

Cute image's...they are so detailed and will be sweet to work with. Thank you Terri

Jayne said...

These are gorgeous Terri ty very much for sharing.
Jayne x

~*~Patty said...

LOL, you've got that right Terri!
Lovely freebies as always!
We're up to our ears in snow snow snow Ho Ho Ho!

LW said...

I want to thank you for all the freebies you gave to us this year.
I enjoyed using them in my art…

Wishing you and your family A very Merry Christmas…


Jester said...

Thanks for the Santa!

Ozstuff said...

I couldn't agree more on the subject of husbands and Christmas (and all other holidays and birthdays). Wouldn't it be nice just to turn up on the day and have nothing more to do than eat, drink and be merry. To that I say Bah Humbug because it is never going to happen.
Your Mrs Claus is stunning!! I think Marilyn may be right about the male of the species suddenly finding he would like to help if his Missus looked like that!!

Lorraine said...

I agree with Marilyn..I bet she has men doing everything..the coooking, cleaning, buying the pressies, wrapping the pressies, making stuff with the kids etc etc. Have a great Christmas Terri and thanks for your comments on my blog

Melissa said...

Hey Terri! How did you ever get a picture of me in my new Christmas dress?!?!?!?