March 10, 2010

Teesha Style Journal

Front Cover
4 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Over the last few weeks I've been busy creating a Teesha-Style journal for a round-robin in my art group. The journal was created using Teesha Moore's instructions (click here to go there), but it's only half the size of Teesha's so that it's easier to mail to our swap partners.

Inside Flap

After constructing the journal from a sheet of watercolor paper, we were instructed to color all of the pages with watercolors, acrylics or water soluble crayons. We then had to complete the front cover, inside flap, an artists' sign-in page, the back cover, another back flap and a "jam" page where everyone playing will contribute a few images before sending it to our swap partner.

Artists' Sign-In Page


I've never participated in a round robin, and this will be challenging and a lot of fun. Thought you might enjoy seeing the first half of my Teesha journal. I'll reveal the second half in a later post.

Hope you find the time to play today!


Rhonda said...

Wow - this is absolutely incredible, Terri!! Very cool - cheers!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your art never disappoints. You pack more color into a page than anyone I know. Your pages are terrific.

I know you will love doing a RR because you make great art and will get great art in return. You will not be disappointed and will truly treasure the finished book when you get it back.

Peggy Parker said...

I agree with Rhonda - WOW!

Healing Woman said...

Terri, it may be Teesha's instructions but the journal looks all colorful and bright. I just love it!

Diane said...

Terri, you put a smile on my face this morning :)

Lynn said...

I am lost for words, this is incredible!!!!!! I am speechless...
Well, not quite, it is beautiful, rich in color and detail, because that is just you, the depth, did I say detail.. oh my.. I have fallen in love :)

I am not at all sure how a Round Robin works, but does this come back to you?

BlueRidgeLady said...

When I saw this on my blog roll I clicked over as fast as I could and huge chill bumps popped out! Heee Heee! This is just so pretty...there are no words...I am sad that I had to drop out of the group because I was among some of the most amazing artists and I know that the journal is going to be such a treasure! Can't wait to see the rest.

Debby said...

Oh my gosh, this is wonderful. So bright and vibrant and just so yummy!!!

Lori said...

Wowza, the colors are awesome Terri! Looks like this will be great fun! I was able to use another of your lovely images!
you can see it here

Lori Saul said...

Oh this is so gorgeous and so you! You may have followed Teesha's journal design ideas but this is (your) work- beautifully colored and meticulously designed - just stunning Terri. You have set the bar high for this journal collaboration.

sharon said...


Martina said...

This is so fantastic,dear Terry!
I have no words enough to say how I love this! Wonderful artwork.

paru's_circle said...

awesome!! receiver is going to be so pleased!

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Terri; this is breathtaking - truly. I love it! The colors, composition; everything about it. WOW!

Unknown said...

OH MY OH MY!!!! Oh Terri this is so amazing!!!!! I love everything about it! BRIGHT AND WONDERFUL!!!!

I an currently doing a journal project with ladies from the Outsider Artist group it has been the most amazing experience! We each chose a color scheme and a general theme and did our own spread and the front and back cover then we sent it to the next person. SOOO no one is telling what they see we just pass the journal on till everyone has participated then we get our personal journal back. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

I am sure you are so excited to see the finished product in your group also.

Unknown said...

Hi Terri,
This is too fabulous for words!! Your art is truly amazing!!!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

BIG WOW Terri! Gorgeous artwork! What an amazing start for your first RR! It will be exciting to see it unfold. Beautiful and inspiring as always!

LivArtNow said...

WOW, wow and wow!! this is awesome Terri!! love your journal and that front cover is stunning!!! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!!! Thea colours and how you make your images are fantastic!! Bravo Terri!!


Laura Haviland said...

Wow Terri,this is wonderful.
So colorful and cheery.
I love it.
What a winner !!

"MOI" Freubel said...

Oooh Terri...I had so much to catch up here but I've read it all now.
From your snowy images - the long ride home - your winnings ( LUCKY GIRL !!) the first zetti - the charmes and at last your Teesha journal.
I realy don't know where you find the time to post almost every day and create in the meanwhile so many beautiful things.
I wish I had more time to visit you (and others) It seems every time that I'm a wayyyy behind.
Have a nice day my friend and enjoy part 2 of your new journal !

Amy said...

WOW...REALLY really beautiful Terri! I adore the Teesha style. And you have mastered it so perfectly! I Love all the different image surprises on each page.

Janny said...

It's really something. Awesome!

Unknown said...

oh wow Terri!!! this is so beautiful...what a wonderful journal....your work always makes me smile!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Ozstuff said...

Terri, your artistry is an organic thing. It just keeps burgeoning into more and more brilliance. Your Teesha Moore work is absolutely superb. The colour and clarity you achieve is mind-boggling.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Wow! This is beautiful Terri!

Janine said...

Your journal is phantastic.
I love your style. You know that.
Thank you for linking back to that great tutorial.
This lady rocks, and so do you.
Have a great week

susi said...

what a fabulous journal. you do have a certain style and I love it! what a lucky group!

Cathy said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Taluula said...

Wow you've left me breathless but oh so impressed. This is magnificent Terri and if only I had that extra hour that is being so rudely stolen away I'm sure I would start one myself. Seriously my friend this is inspired and I love it.

Lorraine said...

What can I say - WOW!! I absolutely love these!!!

*jean* said...

oo terri! how have i missed your posts lately? anyway, your journal is gorgeous! i can't wait to see more!