August 28, 2011

Journal Prompt - Traits

"My Traits"
(Click on a swirl to see the details!)

We're nearing the end of August, and I realized that I hadn't posted the journal page for my art group's journal prompt: Describe yourself in three words. Once again, another interesting prompt!

How DO you describe yourself in three words? Where do you begin? I began by asking my family to describe my traits in three words. The first words that came to everyone's lips were "loving", "generous" and "talented". Then the fun started as they began a laundry list of my character flaws . . . laughing and telling tales as only a loving family can do. ((Sigh!!))

Back to the drawing board for me!!! I've always identified with my  Mini-Schnauzer's personalities. Terriers are loyal, curious, spirited and fun. They love life, as do I. Perfect!!!


A Few Announcements!


Over the past 24 hours, I've received quite a few emails concerning Hurricane Irene's visit to our area. The storm went through; however, we - as well as our family and friends - are all safe and sound. It got a bit noisy last night, but we'd taken tons of precautions and were well prepared. We did lose our power for 12+ hours, but our house and the surrounding trees are all standing. The Angels of Protection did their jobs well! Thank you, thank you for your prayers and concern.


There's still time to enter my celebration giveaway. Just click here to see the prizes and enter the drawing! To enter, just leave a comment on that post. My thanks to everyone who's entered the drawing; but most importantly, my heartfelt thanks for all of the lovely comments and good wishes . You've made me smile!

May your week be filled with many blessings!
Credits: Thanks to Deborah @Land of Nod Studio-Etsy for the girl's dress, to Julia Ceremony-Etsy for the girl's pretty face, and to Crowabout Flick for the word, "Dream", in the border.

August 25, 2011

Celebration Giveaway!!!

 Giveaway Prizes!!!
First Prize Part #1: A OOAK Mouse Pad
Featuring one of my journal pages
& professionally printed.
(The extremely used mouse is not included! LOL!)

 AND . . . .
First Prize Part #2: A set of Sharpie Poster Paint Pens
(One black & one white!)
(These are my FAVORITE pens!)

AND . . . . 

First Prize Part #3 . . . .
 The Choice of a Free
Digital Collage Sheet
From My New Etsy Shop!
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To sum it up, the First Prize Winner will receive the mouse pad, two Sharpie pens and a free collage sheet! Additionally . . . three more "winners" will be selected by a random draw to receive their choice of a free collage sheet too!! Reaching 500 followers deserves a special celebration!!!

Now to the  important stuff. How do you enter this giveaway? Easy Peasey!!! Just leave a comment on this post by close of business next   Wednesday, August 31.  The lucky winners' names will be posted on  Thursday, September 1That's it! No hoops to jump through, and nothing to join. I happen to hate lots of rules! But you  must have a blog or leave an email addy so that I can contact you.

If you've been lurking in the shadows (You know who you are!!!), this is a great time to leave a comment. I do love making new friends!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who left a comment in my previous post. I haven't had an opportunity to thank each of you individually, but please know that you've touched my heart and brightened my spirit with your kind words. You are  all so awesome. You humble me.

May your day be  bright and   beautiful!
PS: If you'd like to see the blog post about the journal page printed on the mouse pad, click here. This journal page is featured in the current issue of "Art Journaling" magazine.
Credits: Special thanks to Tumble Fish Studio and Hollywood Studios@Deviant Art for some of the images.

August 21, 2011

Holy Cow!

Holy Cow!
I have 500+ followers!

When I first started writing my blog posts many moons ago, I never ever dreamed of where this wonderful journey would take me. Imagine my delight and  surprise when I saw that I've reached a Blogland milestone:  I now have over 500 followers!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!

This is definitely cause for a celebration, and I'm planning to celebrate by posting a nice giveaway at the end of the week. Thank you, Thank You, Thank YOU for your loyalty, encouragement and support. You make my heart sing!

In the meantime, here are a few more of my index card journal pages. They were completed earlier this summer - the last week of June and the first week of July. When I drew the happy, little cow I never thought I'd use her for such a happy announcement!

May your day be filled with  delightful surprises!
Credit:  Special thanks to Julia Ceremony @ Etsy for the mannequin and dog and to TumbleFishStudio @ DeviantScrap for the words on the first card. Remaining images from Pringle Hill Studio.

August 18, 2011

Inner Child & A "Freebie"

A 3"x5" Index Card

When I created this addition to my "Index Card A Day (ICAD) Journal" a few days ago, I must have had this coming weekend's celebration in subconscious mind. Our smallest granddaughter will celebrate her 5th Birthday on Saturday.

Grandpa and I went shopping for Unicorns last weekend and had a successful hunt. We filled the birthday girl's box with captured, purple beasts and added a few glow-in-the-dark  magic wands and  mermaids for good measure. What a magical age!

Little Girl
In honor of our Birthday Girl, please enjoy this little freebie. I know you'll have great fun with her. Just "right click" on your mouse to save her to your files.

May you celebrate and honor your Inner Child!
Credits: Thanks to K. Pertiet for the digi frame. The original image is in the public domain (to the best of my knowledge.)

August 13, 2011

Back in the Matrix!

July 2011
(Click on a flower to see the details!)

Summer is flying by on sun-kissed wings! The last few weeks have been filled with Birthday's, Anniversaries, family picnics and bit of unexpected travel. I've missed  The Matrix and will spend the next few days (most likely the next week), catching up on Blogland activities.


While pondering subjects for this post, I realized that I hadn't shared my finished July calendar. It still amazes me how quickly those little boxes get filled with activities!

Hope you've been enjoying a "cool" summer!

Credits: Thanks to Deborah @Land of Nod Studio-Etsy, to Tumble Fish Studio @ Deviant Scrap, to Studio CrowaboutB @ DeviantScrap and to Dover Publications for some of the elements used in this piece.