September 22, 2011

Birthday Road Trip!

A Lobster Fairy!

We're  leaving today to drive to our daughter's home in  Maine to celebrate our oldest grandson's 17th birthday, and mine, this weekend. It's become a family tradition to  celebrate our mutual birthday whenever we can. We were born on exactly the same day, and Conner was the absolute best Birthday gift ever!

There's something about being around teenagers that I find particularly energizing, and our daughter's home is filled with joy, love, three teenagers and their assorted friends. It'll be a busy and fun weekend.

After all of the weekend's excitement, we'll head to  Cape Cod for a few days of rest and relaxation. Since Inet service will be hit or miss, I won't be posting and my Etsy shop will be closed until we return on or about  October 3rd.  However, I will definitely try to make some long-overdue blog visits ( when I have service). After all, I  can't break away from The Matrix completely!

May all of your wishes come true!

September 18, 2011

Gratitude Journal

With all of the bad news and bad weather in the world, not to mention flooding, economic downturns and illnesses, I decided that it was a good time to count my blessings - no matter how small or inconsequential. A Moleskine journal (3 1/2"x5 1/2") on my shelf seemed to be waiting for a special project - a gratitude journal. So on a quiet August afternoon, I gessoed all of the pages in preparation for my backgrounds, images and journaling.

Page 1
(Click on any of these partial spreads to
see them in their entirety!)

The goal has been to find something to be thankful and grateful for each day. It doesn't matter what it is or how insignificant.  My thoughts of gratitude express how I'm feeling at the time I sit down to write in this journal.  And although I haven't journaled every single day, I have been very faithful to my "Gratitude Project".

Expect Miracles!
Page 2

If you'd like to see the spreads in their entirety along with the details, please click on each of the pages. Since each landscaped spread is 11" long, it was very difficult to post a total overview of the pages.

Wishing you a day filled with gratitude and joy!

September 15, 2011

Printed Gift Bags

Gift Bag

Every once in a while an idea comes along that's just so wonderful, you can't wait to share it with your friends.

I'm always on the lookout for a clever (and I must admit - easy) way to wrap a gift. I do believe that presentation is all! This very shabby chic wrap began as a plain, brown lunch bag. All you need to recreate the look are some pretty images (I used the ones from the Graphics Fairy), an inkjet printer, a hole punch, scalloped scissors (optional) and some pretty ribbon or fibers.

Of course, you'll need the tutorial too, so you don't screw up your printer. Twig & Thistle used these bags to present Valentine's brownies, and she's done an awesome tutorial that I found while blog hopping one day. Click here to go there. 

Hope you have a lot of fun with this idea. Why not use them for Halloween goodies? With baking and gift-giving season on the horizon, I'll have to add more bags to my grocery list this week to replenish my supply!

Wishing you a creative day!

September 11, 2011

September Journal Prompt & Published!

"The Power of One"
Journal Page
(Click on the rose to see the details!)

This month's journal prompt asked us to create a journal page or spread that answers the question: "What quote moves you in your everyday life?" Needless to say, there are quite a few quotes that run though my mind during the course of a day.

The only quote that I find myself repeating - almost as though it's a mantra - is "the power of one". I'm always amazed at the difference that can be made with one solitary step, one act of kindness or one decision. The list is endless, and the results are always mind boggling. Just think of what can be accomplished by thinking one happy thought!


Fall 2011
Back in the Spring, I received an email from an editor at "Somerset Apprentice" asking if I would be interested in publishing a journal page that I'd created in a 6"x6" format. Of course! I was surprised and flattered - I couldn't type an acceptance email fast enough! Without giving too much away, here's just a tiny bit of the finished piece that was published in the current issue.

Wishing you a delightful day!

 Credits: Thanks to Land of Nod - Etsy for some of the original, unaltered picture of the little girl. Special thanks to Crowabout Flickr for the pink lady, the word "new" and the "number 5". All remaining images from Pringle Hill Studio - Etsy.

Never Forget . . .

Always Remember

There are many stories associated with 9/11. It is a day filled with many tears, terrible loss and lasting memories. The days immediately following the attack were filled with shock, disbelief and sadness. Yet they were also filled with hope, unity, pride and patriotism.

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of that fateful day. Please take a moment and offer a silent prayer for those who were taken from us, for their families and friends and for our Country. Many blessings too, on all who protect and defend this great Country and our leaders.

God Bless America.

September 8, 2011

Iphone Photos & A Freebie

Ceramic Spheres
(Click on any picture to see the details.)

Photography is my second love, and although I can't always carry my DSLR or my pocket camera, I always have my Iphone close at hand. It's taken a bit of time to learn how to play with some of my photo apps, but sometimes I'm very pleased with the results. For the record, all of the pictures in this post were taken with my Iphone.
Admittedly, I'm the crazy lady who absentmindedly leaves her cart in the middle of an aisle at a big box store in a rush to snap a picture when I spy something that catches my artistic eye. It doesn't matter if it's fruit or flowers. If it's colorful enough to capture my attention it's camera worthy.

Restaurants are another source of inspiration. Using my camera phone has become so second nature to me, my sweet husband doesn't move or question me when I say, "Ohhhh! Wait a minute!" as our food arrives.

And then there's always the unexpected . . . . I love the unexpected!!! I spied this bumper sticker in a parking lot recently. Thank goodness I had my cell phone at the ready, and thank goodness that my son was with me to play 'lookout' as I snapped this great quote (otherwise, I'd have been road kill!).

The next time you see something that captures your creative fancy, snap a photo with your mobile phone. It's easy  and fun . . . . and . . . it just may become addictive!

Your Freebie!
 Jpeg File
( I fell in love with her lacy shawl!)

Wishing you a very  artful weekend!

September 5, 2011

September Calendar & A New Blog

(Click on a butterfly to see the details.)

We've just finished celebrating Labor Day - the unofficial end of summer. It's difficult to believe that September is here in all of it's colorful glory. No surprise . . . . it's my very favorite time of the year!


Freubels Freebies

It always give me great pleasure to introduce you to one of my dearest blogging friends, especially when good news is involved. I'm thrilled to announce that my dear - and very generous - friend, Rian at Freubels-Freebies has created a  new website which will feature lots of scrumptious freebies for your creative pleasure!

You can click here to go there, or click the button on my sidebar (listed under "Other Freebies") to visit at any time. Please tell Rian that I sent you her way.

Wishing you a colorful day!

Credits: Thanks to Dover Publications for some of the butterflies. All remaining images from Pringle Hill Studio - Etsy.

September 1, 2011

Winners & August Calendar


Collage Sheet Winners
 Hope Clinchot
Bev - Indybev 

Congratulations to all of the lucky winners, and my deepest and most sincere thanks to everyone for your heartwarming response to my celebration giveaway.  This little blue chicklet is one of my hand drawn doodles. Please take him as a "freebie" and give him a good home! He's a png file, but you can "right click" and save him as a jpeg file too. It my small way of saying a very large "thank you" for being such awesome friends and followers .


and . . .

(Click to see the details!)

I wouldn't say that August flew by, but as I began this post, I actually started to write "July" and realized that I didn't post my August calendar!!! To be honest, I'm very happy that this month has ended - it's been wild and wooly in more ways than one!

Miscellaneous Stuff!

FYI - You may have noticed that the "Artsee Bloggers" button is missing from my sidebar. For many personal reasons, Geri Centzone (My Heart Art), decided to close the site on August 31st. Because of Geri and her generosity, many of us made new friends and contacts. Thank you, Geri. Many blessings and prayers are heading your way.

We'll be celebrating Labor Day on Monday, September 5 here in the States and are getting ready to enjoy a three-day weekend. Labor Day marks the unofficial end of vacation time and summer. I'll be enjoying some family time, and will post again on Monday evening.

Enjoy a  bright, beautiful (and safe) weekend!

Credits: Thanks to Julia-Ceremony Etsy for the statues' bodies & faces, to Tumble Fish Studio @ Deviant Scrap for the glasses on the left statue & the word "fragile", to Crowabout Flickr for the words & crown on the left statue and to Dover Publications for the butterflies. Remaining images were in the public domain.