January 23, 2012

Heart Strings!

Heart Strings

It all started innocently with a pattern for a tiny crocheted heart and the rediscovery of my crochet hook. (My beloved grandmother taught me to crochet when I was nine!) Before I knew it, I had a stack of handmade hearts begging for more creativity.

My first little valentine was made of red yarn and embellished with blue fibers, a bit of stamped silk and glass beads. Happy with that experiment, I crocheted my second heart . . . . this time, an orange one trimmed in fuzzy, green yarn.

In the process, I remembered what it was like to "play" with materials. I began to enjoy the gift of unrestrained and unrestricted creativity. Last year I'd focused on journals, this year will be a year of play and exploration into the world of fabrics and fiber art.

Frankly, I'm sailing into uncharted creative waters, and it's a little unsettling. Journaling and playing with images is so familiar. However, I'm remaining steadfast in my resolution to explore, and - most of all - to have fun in 2012. Somewhere in my past artistic life, I'd gotten caught up in self-imposed expectations and deadlines and totally forgot that making art should be fun .

And so, I played with my stack of colorful little hearts to My "'s content". When I was finished, I strung the little valentines on recycled sari ribbon, and hung my "heart strings" garland on the mirror in my kitchen as a reminder to enjoy my new creative journey.
May your day be filled with fun!

January 10, 2012


A Few Snippets
from my 
New Journal

Over the last few months, very little time has been devoted to my art - holiday celebrations, family, obligations and life have taken precedence. In my quiet moments I've been contemplating the creative direction that I'd like to take in 2012.

2011 was a satisfying year filled with many art swaps and exchanges and a variety of art journals. I was thrilled to see my work published in a few Somerset publications too.

This year will be a year filled with exploration and discovery. My heart is leading me away from "paper" and is  directing me toward working with fabrics and fibers. I won't be putting my brushes and glue sticks into hibernation . . . I'll be using my trusty tools to create new artwork that can be translated into fabric. 

I've also decided to limit my computer time . . . Less time in the Matrix, means more creative time in my studio. If you see fewer posts and visits, it's not that I'm not around or lurking, it's just that I'm busy following new paths.

2012 will be a year filled with new directions and new growth. My Muse is speaking, and I must listen.

May your day be filled with the joy of discovery!

January 6, 2012


Watercolor Tutorial
Important: To watch this video
click on the LINK - NOT the picture!

Sometimes things are just so darn good, you have to share! When my friend, Roc (What's Up Roc) posted this video, I was amazed and delighted. Believe me when I say that her video is as beautiful as the finished journal page! Thank you for sharing your talents and time, Roc! What a pleasure to watch you create!

My second "share" is a recent Etsy purchase from Terry Lischka (SewMuchStyle). Santa was generous and brought an IPad2 this year, so I wanted to protect it in style. Terry uses recycled suit coats to create her unique cases.
 New IPad2 Case

My case far exceeded my expectations in workmanship and design. It's as unique as I am, and I couldn't be more thrilled. So, if you're looking for a special case or bag, pop over to Terry's shop, and mention my name!

May your day be sprinkled by special moments!

January 3, 2012

My 2011 Calendar Project - Finished!

December 2011
(Click on any picture to see the details!)

After working on this project for an entire year and writing one little "inchie" at a time, those tiny squares have become journal that's become very personal and dear to my heart.  Special thanks to Kate Crane at "The Kathryn Wheel" for starting me in new directions of personal and artistic growth.

((Insert sound of heralding trumpets here, please!))  Without further ado, here's a quick overview of my journal spreads. Larger versions (along with all of the imagery credits) can be found in my Flicker account, or you can click on the "Calendar Journal 2011" tag at the bottom of this post.

January - April
May - August
September - December
Although this project has been fun and I've met a lot of wonderful artists along the way, I've decided to pursue other interests in 2012 and won't be participating in this year's calendar project. However, if you're interested in learning more or would like to play in 2012, click here to pop over to Kate's . . . . and please tell her that I sent you her way!

Special Thanks

You may have noticed the addition of a new button on my sidebar. My heartfelt thanks to Susie Jefferson from First Floor Flat for her gracious, unexpected gift! Thanks to Susie, I can say: "Please, grab my button for your blog." What a wonderful gift - the gift of sharing! I'm sending lots of love your, way Susie!  Thank You!

With  many warm wishes for a wonderful day!