February 7, 2012

A Mended Heart

Textile Art
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During January . . . . for some unknown reason . . . . I was obsessed with making, embellishing and embroidering little hearts. In light of what was to come, I can't help but think that my obsession was a premonition of things to come. 

My darling husband went into the hospital two weeks ago for an Angiogram, and underwent an emergency triple by-pass surgery the following day.  Many anxious days followed, filled with surgical teams, assessments, more procedures and finally, surgery for a pacemaker / defibrillator.

Apparently, God has very special plans for my man . . . one of the surgeons told me that my husband could been talking to me one moment and could have dropped dead the next. Happily, the "patient" is home from the hospital and has begun his healing journey.

Along the way, we've been blessed with an awesome cardiac team and were surrounded by the sustaining power of much love and many prayers from family and friends. Many of you have followed our journey on FaceBook, and I thank you for your love and support.

Many times I wrapped your love around me and felt your virtual "hugs". You lifted me, carried me and  supported me through some very dark hours. I am grateful. We still have a long road of healing and changes to follow, but we've made it through a very long, dark and scary tunnel. 

Over the next few weeks  art and blogging time will be put on "hold" while I nurse my darling back to health. Please remember that love is the  only legacy that we leave behind! 

Please give someone you love a  HUGE hug today!