March 4, 2012

A Broken Heart . . .

God's Plans . . .

It's been a very long time since I've posted - and for good reason. John Lennon said: "Life happens when you least expect it." 

If you follow me on FaceBook, you know that our family has been going through an extremely difficult time. My husband had a triple by-pass and a pace maker/defibrillator installed at the end of January - beginning of February, was home for two weeks and then began to experience shortness of breath.

To make a very long and difficult story short, the doctors put him on a ventilator (breathing machine) yesterday. I had time to call all of our children, and Jim was surrounded by family before they "put him under". Time will tell whether or not this is the answer to our prayers.
Apparently, Jim is a victim of toxicity to one of the drugs prescribed after his heart surgery. Toxicity to this drug is apparently very rare and presents in only about 5% of patients. What makes our case even more rare is that the toxicity manifested after only a month - it usually doesn't manifest in most patients for 6-8 months. The doctors are doing their best; but they're in uncharted waters and my Darling is in critical condition. Time is of the essence.

I truly believe that love, prayers and support can heal. I am asking you to send all of the good wishes and love that you can our way, and am asking for prayers of serenity and acceptance. I believe in miracles, but maybe God has other plans. 

With love and heartfelt thanks.