July 29, 2012

Repurposing & Recycling


There wasn't a lot of time for art this week; however, I did manage to find a little time to write and play in my Healing Journal. Since I haven't had an opportunity to create new images, I've been recycling some of my old ones.

It's amazing how a few doodles and some dots can add new life and creative "sparks" to a journal page. This little guy is a favorite of mine, and I also revamped my original "Miss Kitty".
I love her expressive green eyes, and she always makes me smile . If you'd like to add the image of my little musician to your files, click here for the original "freebie". You'll find him at the bottom of the blog post.

My colored markers, watercolors, pencils and gel pens have been working overtime. Who knew that recycling and repurposing old images could be so rewarding?!?! 

May you be blessed with an  artful day!

July 22, 2012


From the Healing Journal

Day by day my husband is getting "stronger" and so am I. There's been a  discernible "difference" in my art. As I continue to  move through my journal pages and express my feelings and emotions, my colors are getting brighter and more saturated, and my spirit is feeling "lighter" too. My idea of keeping a "Healing Journal" is working!

I wish I had the time to thank each and every one of you, my loyal friends and followers, for your continuing love, prayers and positive energy. Your support has been the best medicine in the world!

May your day be filled with random acts of  kindness!

July 15, 2012

Healing Journal

Since most of my day is spent caring for my husband and tending to his needs, my art time is very limited.  I've missed my friends, my images and colors, and my creative time.  Although the healing process has begun, the burden of months of caretaking has taken its toll  - physically, spiritually and mentally.

Having heard the phrase: "Art Heals!", in an effort to heal my spirit, I decided to begin a new art project. Over the past few days I've poured my deepest thoughts and rawest feelings into the pages of a new journal. No thought or emotion is "off limits". This journal is a safe place for me to bare my soul, shed healing tears and assuage my exhausted spirit.

After just a few days of writing and creating, I'm beginning to feel "lighter", and my colors are brighter! This is a much healthier alternative than eating tons of chocolate or drinking wine, and I'm realizing that, indeed, "Art Heals!"

May your day be filled with the joy of discovery!

July 5, 2012

A Little Bit of Love "Freebie"!

"A Little Love"
For Your Artful Pleasure
(This is a png file!)

Holy Cow! It's been a-g-e-s since I've had a chance to blog, and I've had to fight my way through more than a few "blog-webs"!!! LOL! 

My husband marked his 5th week home yesterday - Independence Day - and all of the doctors are amazed at his progress. Taking care of Jim has left little time for my artful indulgences, but that's OK. Slowly by slowly, a new routine is beginning to settle into place . . . and hopefully, there will be a lot more time for me to "play".

Having been the lucky recipient of so much "love" has been an amazing experience. Thought you just might like a "little love"coming right back to you! I know that you'll find wonderful ways to use this new image - just remember that she's for your personal use only!

May your day be touched with the joy of friendship!