August 26, 2012

New Paths

Crossroads . . .

Jen Cushman wrote a blog post last week that touched a virtual nerve (you can read it if you click here).  For the past few weeks, I've been feeling as though I've been standing at a crossroads. New creative paths and vistas are in front of me and there are many decisions to make - creatively and personally.

Good blogging, as Jen writes, takes time . . . and lots of it. In essence, a good blog post is not unlike writing, producing and publishing a magazine article. Gathering your thoughts, creating the art, staging the photo shoot, processing the photos, etc. It all takes time - a very precious commodity.

When I began my blogging journey, it started very simply and with no preconceptions. I'd no idea of what I was doing, never dreamed I'd have "followers" or make such good friends along the way. I've always blogged for the sheer pleasure and 'love of it'. Truly. Blogging satisfied a creative need. I could showcase my art, play with my photography and write. I've loved sharing my art, my life and my joy. And when sorrow knocked on the door, my blogging friends held me up with strength, love and prayers.

That being said, my heart is whispering that the time has come to close this blog for a long, much-needed sabbatical. I must listen and obey. It's a decision that hasn't been made easily. I need time to regroup and renew - time to explore creative outlets.

Thank you, My Friends, for your friendship and love. It's been an amazing journey. If you'd like to follow my new creative explorations, please 'friend me' on FaceBook.

May your life be filled with artful joy !

August 22, 2012

Healing Journal Video

A Peek Inside!

Although the work in my Healing Journal is intensely personal, I thought you might like a peek inside. Quite honestly, doing the artwork and the journaling has been very cathartic for me. There's been a lot to process over the past year, and we're still trying to attain a new 'level of normal'.  It's my hope that my healing journey and art will inspire you.

Jim can drive now, and his physical therapy sessions will end in September. That's all good stuff! His lungs are permanently scarred, and we can still expect unexpected bouts of inflammation. Several health issues have been created, but we're learning how to live our 'new lives'. We're still in each others' arms at night, and that's what matters. We've been given a great gift.

Thank you for your love, generosity and kindness. There's no doubt in my mind . . . your prayers, good wishes and positive energy have carried us to a this point and have cheered us on when we felt we had little hope.

Love + Art = Healing!
PS Sorry about the thumbnail - I couldn't get You Tube to cooperate!!! Special thanks to "Swampadelica" for the soundtrack, "Coffee Cup", from their "Sac Passe" Album available on Itunes.

August 15, 2012

Where Real Women Create . . .

No Place to Go!

For the last few weeks, I've been sneaking into my tiny studio whenever I can to work in my Healing Journal. Because of time limitations, there's been no time to clean up (at least that's what I'm telling myself!)Whenever My Muse has spoken, I've tried to listen . . . . and she's been whispering "make art", not "grab the vacuum"!!!

That being said . . . I now have less than a postage stamp space to work in! This is definitely where "real women create"!!!

May you be blessed with  creativity!