August 22, 2012

Healing Journal Video

A Peek Inside!

Although the work in my Healing Journal is intensely personal, I thought you might like a peek inside. Quite honestly, doing the artwork and the journaling has been very cathartic for me. There's been a lot to process over the past year, and we're still trying to attain a new 'level of normal'.  It's my hope that my healing journey and art will inspire you.

Jim can drive now, and his physical therapy sessions will end in September. That's all good stuff! His lungs are permanently scarred, and we can still expect unexpected bouts of inflammation. Several health issues have been created, but we're learning how to live our 'new lives'. We're still in each others' arms at night, and that's what matters. We've been given a great gift.

Thank you for your love, generosity and kindness. There's no doubt in my mind . . . your prayers, good wishes and positive energy have carried us to a this point and have cheered us on when we felt we had little hope.

Love + Art = Healing!
PS Sorry about the thumbnail - I couldn't get You Tube to cooperate!!! Special thanks to "Swampadelica" for the soundtrack, "Coffee Cup", from their "Sac Passe" Album available on Itunes.


Healing Woman said...

Terri, your healing journal was created exactly the way I would have expected. Colorful-sort of like healing with color plus the words. Just wonderful!

Jan said...

Thank you Terri for sharing this beautiful journal and your innermost thoughts. Your work is truly inspiring and I wish both you and Jim continued healing and send you love XX

Trish said...

Terri, I am new to your blog and have to tell you how inspired I am by your art journal! I am sending good wishes your way for continued healing.

Lorelei Lane said...

Terri, your Healing Journal is MORE than I expected it to be. My husband suffered a stroke 6 weeks ago and has made amazing progress but we know it could be a year before he's recovered. I'd like to email you for more encouragement and ideas on how to get my thoughts down and not feel like I'm focusing on me! Thank you for being so open to your blog readers. I'll be contacting you soon. Good thoughts and prayers are coming your way.

WW said...

Simply beautiful Terri. Thank you for sharing yourself with us ♥♥

Sandra Kaye said...

Lovely journal...thank you so much for sharing!! I need to make a healing journal myself...thanks for the inspiration!!! Hugs

Unknown said...


Thank you for sharing your journey. I'm so, so glad it is one of recovery for your husband. I know it must be so hard, but your words are encouraging.

fredsworld said...

Hi, great video and really inspirational words, i too have major health problems and art is my therapy too,my wife has a blog .. happylovesrosie, here you can see my vintage caravan studio.

Janine said...

This is so breathtaking. Thank you for sharing this very personal pages.
You are so right, love + art = healing.
I send you my best wishes. You are a great person!!