February 14, 2013

In Love . . .

Happy Valentine's Day!

A few weeks ago, my art group was given a challenge to create an altered envelope inspired by Gustav Klimt. An Austrian symbolist painter, Klimt was known to be an extraordinary admirer of the female persuasion. I completed my envelope and will reveal it in a future post; however, in the process of creating my mail art, I renewed my fascination with all things "Klimt".

One of Klimt's most famous paintings, "The Lovers", depicts a couple caught in an intimate embrace. Rumoured to be Klimt and one of his many "lovers", I've always been intrigued by their story. So, a few days ago I pulled out a sketchbook and allowed my Muse to play with my interpretation of another Klimt painting. "Awwww" . . . . she murmured as my pencil flew and my imagination soared.

As much as I loved my drawing, it seemed incomplete. Known for his use of geometric forms and color, sadly, my drawing lacked Klimt's bold hues. Modern technology was called into play: I quickly scanned my drawing and played with "filters" in a photo editing program. "Ohhhhh!", said My Muse, as she danced around with computer mouse in hand! "That's more like it!", she uttered breathlessly! Yes, I fell in love with my "Klimt interpretation" of love!

May your Valentine's Day be filled with love and creativity in many forms!

February 6, 2013

A Reminder!

Needed a "Tangible" Reminder!

With life happening at the "speed of warp" lately, I had to take a moment to remind myself to breathe! Caught up in the momentum of life, I've forgotten how to take a deep breath and appreciate "the present". A dear friend told me that I need to appreciate the space that I'm "in" today.

With those words swirling through my mind, I grabbed a small piece of paper, wrote a tangible "reminder" and pinned it to the carousel on my desk. Step #1: Accomplished . . . . Step #2: Do it!!! LOL!!!

May you exist in the "moment"!

February 1, 2013

Playing Favorites

My Favorite . . . .

The other day someone started a post in a Facebook group asking: "What art supply couldn't you live without?" What a thought provoking question!

Since my work is known for it's rich, saturated color, I use many layers, techniques and media to achieve results that please me. However, my answer to that question came immediately I couldn't live without my Derwent Inktense pencils! 

Let me count the reasons why I'm in love with these marvelous (Yesmarvelous!) pencils:
1) They can be applied "dry" or "wet"
2) They can be used on multiple surfaces: Paper, cloth, etc.
3) If applied with water, their rich, vibrant color remains permanent
4) Used in combination with gesso, they combine to make outstanding backgrounds
5) When applied to paper and allowed to dry, I can add another layer for deeper, richer results

Although I considered my initial purchase to be an "art investment", my Derwent Inktense pencils were well worth the price. They last and last and always give terrific results. In essence, they're my idea of "perfection"!

May your day be perfectly creative!