February 1, 2013

Playing Favorites

My Favorite . . . .

The other day someone started a post in a Facebook group asking: "What art supply couldn't you live without?" What a thought provoking question!

Since my work is known for it's rich, saturated color, I use many layers, techniques and media to achieve results that please me. However, my answer to that question came immediately I couldn't live without my Derwent Inktense pencils! 

Let me count the reasons why I'm in love with these marvelous (Yesmarvelous!) pencils:
1) They can be applied "dry" or "wet"
2) They can be used on multiple surfaces: Paper, cloth, etc.
3) If applied with water, their rich, vibrant color remains permanent
4) Used in combination with gesso, they combine to make outstanding backgrounds
5) When applied to paper and allowed to dry, I can add another layer for deeper, richer results

Although I considered my initial purchase to be an "art investment", my Derwent Inktense pencils were well worth the price. They last and last and always give terrific results. In essence, they're my idea of "perfection"!

May your day be perfectly creative!


WW said...

Terri...nobody gets richer colors from their supplies than you do!! You are the color wizard :) And yes...those pencils are such fun :)

sugar Creek said...

I plan on buying some of those! I love the richness of them.

sharon said...

I have a set of these...hmmm, guess I should play! Your color sense is amazing!

Marilyn J. Rock said...

I, too, love these Inktense pencils - so rich and wonderful! I've always admired your use of color!