March 25, 2013

Giveaway "Winner"!!!

Are you ready?

My heartfelt and sincere "thanks" to everyone who entered into my giveaway for the free seat in this year's "21 Secrets" workshop! Wow! The response was overwhelming and wonderful! 

It's a little blurry . . . but it's #22!

Jamie Lynn

There could only be one winner (How I wish there could've been more!) . . . . but there's still plenty of time to sign up for this year's "21 Secrets Workshop". If you're interested in taking your art journaling to new levels, click here or on the "21 Secrets" button below to learn more and/or register.

Our "virtual classroom" doors will open on April 1st and will remain open until next January, 2014. Remember . . . . there are 21 teachers and 21 different "lessons".  When you register, you'll have complete access to everything 24/7. Amazing!

Personally, I can't wait for class to "begin" and hope to see you there!

May your day be filled with creative "wonders"!

March 21, 2013

Giveaway - Reminder!

"Open Your Heart"

Last Friday, Connie Hozvicka from Dirty Footprints Studio, posted this journal page along with a description of the "I Have a Secret" class that I'll be teaching in this year's "21 Secrets"  Workshop.

Many of you know how difficult this past year has been for my husband and my family. It's been a year of great fear and sorrow; however, there have been many reasons for gratitude and joy. When Connie requested a "special piece" to promote my workshop, many of the lessons I learned over this past year came to mind. Color that hadn't been expressed in months, poured from my heart.

This page expresses the one largest lessons - I've learned to "Open My Heart" to allow love and Light, and I've learned to "believe"! Miracles CAN & DO happen! And. by the way . . . . Art Heals!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Giveaway Reminder

Don't forget . . . . . because of Connie's generosity, I'm giving away a free seat in this year's "21 Secrets' Workshop" (A $59 value!) to one lucky winner. There's still time to enter by clicking HERE. Your entry must be a comment that's posted on the previous blog post!

Entering this giveaway is super easy! Just leave a comment on the previous post only by Saturday, March 23. The winner will be chosen  by Random Org and will be announced on Monday, March 25. Everyone is welcome to enter! Make a wish and enter!

May your heart be filled with gratitude!

March 14, 2013

Secrets & A BIG Giveaway!

"I Have A Secret!"
When Connie Hozvicka from Dirty Footprints Studio invited me to teach a class in her awesome "21 Secrets" 2013 Art Journaling Workshop, I was honored and thrilled. I think you'll be as awestruck as I am over this year's teaching staff!!! It's an amazing line-up of talent! You can click here to go to the workshop's website.

"21 Secrets" Teaching Staff!

There's a big reason why I haven't posted recently.  Over the last month I've been a busy bee working on my tutorials, filming and editing video presentations and creating handouts for my "I Have a Secret" classTo give you an idea of what I've been up to, I've created this slideshow to give you a glimpse of what you'll be learning in my virtual classroom. I'm so excited!

I'll share many personal secrets and two of my journals, as well as some of my favorite tips and techniques. If you've wanted to know how I achieve my "look", applied my color or wondered about the thought process behind my pages, I'll answer those questions and more! And, of course, I'll always be available to answer questions and provide support.

"21 Secrets" will go "live" on April 1, and for $59 you'll  have complete access to all 21 class workshops and all 21 teachers for the remainder of 2013. You can pick and choose from all of the classes - take all of them or just a few - watch and learn at your convenience. Any way you look at this workshop, it's a fabulous opportunity to learn and grow! 


Now for the BEST part! I love surprises, and I have a terrific surprise for YOU! Through Connie's generosity, I'm giving away "One Free '21 Secrets' Workshop" (A $59 value!) to one lucky winner. How exciting is that?!?  

Entering this giveaway is super easy! Just leave a comment on this blog post only (not on Facebook or Twitter or Flickr) by Saturday, March 23. The winner will be chosen  by Random Org and will be announced on Monday, March 25. That's all you have to do to enter, and everyone is welcome!

There are no hidden agendas, secret passwords, and there's not a hoop in sight. Just leave a comment here and a way that Connie and I can reach you to let you know if you're the "lucky winner"! Cross your fingers, tell a friend or two, and make a wish on a lucky star!

Good luck and many blessings!